Below I have inputted a number of links and websites with information about Morgellons Disease as well as other Parasites, and oddly enough, Chemtrails too.

There seems to be a lot of information on the internet about this “disorder”, although there is even more information that either denies that it exists, or implies that it may be a mental disorder, even pegging it as an experiment of some sort by our Government using genetically modified organisms delivered through Chemtrails, being sprayed by the military to measure the effect on Humans.

I probably would have never discussed this issue here had it not been that I know someone who is having terrible symptoms of this, and is being told that it is “in her head” by the Doctor’s she has seen in the Barren County area of Kentucky.  In “her” case, she believes it is some kind of tiny bugs which she has been able to actually “save” for a short time, a number of times so far.  This has been going on for about eight months now.

From what I have seen on the internet, it seems to me that we may be dealing with several different issues here.  There may well be more than one “cause” of this “disease”. 

So, for right now, I am posting these links to see if anyone either email’s me ( or comments on this post (comment on WordPress please because I won’t be able to keep up with Facebook comments unless you direct message me!).  I am trying to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue in the area, or in the State of Kentucky.  Please tell me area you are from when writing or commenting.  I will be posting updates as I get further information.






Morgellons Patient Live on TV Show The Doctors


Recently, while conducting programs in Kentucky, we were informed by several individuals that some horse stables are reporting their horses have not had a successful birth of an offspring this year. They are either born dead or die within thirty days. Local news reports confirmed this and showed that adult horses are now also dying of some strange unknown disease. Officials stated they believe it is a worm the horses are eating. We disagree with that assessment. We believe a natural existing virus has become mutated from the residues of chemtrails and is now destroying the horses natural ability to carry an offspring to its maturity. Horses are Kentucky’s number one source of revenue and they are alarmed and becoming vocal. Of course you have heard about this on your local news-right? We have talked to people all over the country and no one outside of the local area seems to have heard of it. Strange, an epidemic of this nature is certainly of national concern. Or is it just another censorship-a black out of bad news authorities do not want you to know? You might start asking questions.  What is happening in Kentucky is now also being reported by horse owners in Florida.   CONTINUE READING…


Alien Fibers: Morgellons Disease – ABC’s Nightline.

Uploaded on Aug 25, 2011

Do Chem-trails sprayed over our cities contain Genetically Modified Living Fibers, that keep growing and multiplying under the skin, to see how fast they cause neurological collapse in humans?
Disclaimer: This video was uploaded to inform the public about Morgellon’s ‘disease’, possibly caused by genetically modified organisms delivered through Chem-cloud spraying by the military to measure the effect on the human population.



Published on Mar 26, 2015

You Are Not Crazy If You Have Morgellons. The disease is deigned to sterilize Planet Earth. It is now in the underground cities. Please – you can fight back but you must realize if a Doctor Treats you he goes to jail. Immusist: 888-702-3315, Oregano Oil: 1-866-781-0815, Citricare For The Mouth and Skin: 800-622-8446, Yellow Dial Soap, Magnets, Blue Spruce Oil.







When patients with these symptoms seek dermatological treatment, they’re usually told that they have delusions of parasitosis, a condition in which people are falsely convinced that they’re infested with parasites—told, in other words, that the crawling, itching sensations under their skin are only in their heads, and the fibers are remnants from clothing. Still, they pick away, trying to get the feeling out. According to Casey, most doctors refuse to even examine the alleged skin fibers and only offer anti-psychotic medication as treatment. It took her three years to find a dermatologist willing to treat her in any other way, and she and her husband had to drive all the way from California to Texas to see him.  CONTINUE READING


Spread information to CDC about parasitic mites

In May of 2015, my family’s life became altered so severely, the damage was irreversible. Our neighbor’s house harbored rats. Soon after, our once beautiful home was overrun with parasitic mites–mites that, like bed bugs, feed off both humans and animals. We had to vacate our home repeatedly and after tons of pest control eradication attempts and our own attempts,  we remained unsuccessful and, overwhelmed,  had to sell our home, discard all furniture and personal belongings. A year later, we still suffer, without the help of professionals who have no idea what to do, even after samples were obtained. Our story is one among thousands and thousands of people suffering and accounts across the world have reported stories that mirror ours. Since the early 2000’s, a growing epidemic of mite infestations due to bird and rat mites have been tormenting people with symptoms that last for years–all without help from the community and CDC due to lack of research and chemical resistance.   Now, it is getting worse.  CONTINUE READING

This has been documented since 1958 and become a more widespread issue:

There is even a link to the tropical rat mite and Morgellons disease, as seen here:

Mite sufferers should not have to sit in silence with no help from organizations intended to protect and research dangerous organisms.   Mite infestations can result in:   CONTINUE READING…


CDC investigation

Following a mailing campaign coordinated by the Morgellons Research Foundation, in which self-described sufferers clicked on the foundation Website and sent thousands of form letters to members of Congress, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) task force first met in June 2006.[4][33][34] By August 2006, the task force consisted of 12 people, including 2 pathologists, a toxicologist, an ethicist, a mental health expert, and specialists in infectious, parasitic, environmental and chronic diseases.[35]

In June 2007, the CDC opened a website on “Unexplained Dermopathy (aka ‘Morgellons’)” and by November 2007, the CDC opened an investigation into the condition.[5] Kaiser Permanente in Northern California was chosen to assist with the investigation, which involved skin biopsies from affected people and characterization of foreign material such as fibers or threads obtained from people to determine their potential source.[5][36] The U.S. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and the American Academy of Dermatology assisted with pathology.[37] In January 2012, the CDC released the results of the study.[6][7]  CONTINUE READING

10 thoughts on “Has KY been infected with “Morgellons Disease”, or is there another type parasite that is being seen in the area?”
  1. I am a 33yr old combat veteran now suffering from morgellons disease, and out of all people I had expect the VA to be more understanding about this matter. HELL NO they wasn’t, and risking my life for a yr in Iraq and they turn their backs to me is bullshit. The infectious disease doctor took the filament an often that has came out of my body, took it to the lab an tested it, for it came back as man made materials and cotton. I asked how does this get inside me an pop out and he couldn’t answer me. Then I asked him if he was curious as to why and how did this get inside me, and he got up an walked out saying I needed a shrink. Calling headquarters of CDC in Atlanta GA, asking about this, and was read some text book shut that we read off the internet. I wanted to know if this is infectious or not since I’ve infected my dog, but was told to call Kaiser Permanente out in California because they are the ones doing research on the matter. So wtf is CDC really doing about this….ive done a lot of research and to be medically discharged for other matters from the army and given a 40% disability and then be denied help because I’m sick……only shows you how the government it….this is a cover up just like agent orange in desert storm. This began as delusional, but not this dilusional is in the same family as Lyme, to now this is an infectious delusional disease lmao gtfoh, please feel free to contact me at

    1. And I have pictures and videos of the strange shit happening to me so apparently evidence isn’t even good enough to prove your point….so it’s my goal to purposely expose the VA an goverment

  2. i live in hardin county (right by ft.knox unfortunately, i also watch the planes fly in and out in pairs spray a few lines and then land ive been watching them for years) i have been suffering with a parasitic infection im starting to believe is morgellons, Ive been dealing wit this for 4 years or so now and show all the symptoms gradually getting worse, ive tried everything cbd oil, green walnut hulls, wormwood..ect ect its a huge drag its almost as if im bipolar. i used to be super productive now im foggy and have difficulty getting energy. I also stay sick constantly compared to never getting sick 10-19yo im 26 now =[ i dont feel like ill make it to 40 and i dont even know where to start to get help

    1. Kody dont stop fighting thru your struggles. I have been followed and stalked by the government making me look delusional and discrediting anything i say because i have been blown off by the infectious disease doctors from the VA lol. Im a sufferer as well so your not alone. Email me at if you ever wanna chat or have any questions

  3. Well i see there is more folks suffering from this disease. For the last 2 yrs now i have been followed and stalked to discredit anything i say because the government is still continuing to cover this up keeping it hush hush!

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