Americans for Cannabis

The Government’s regulated and incorporated war on Cannabis has destroyed the Country we live in by replacing what is a totally natural substance with a host of chemical compounds for our every need.

Mass marketed to us through media by all types of industries it has made its way through our bodies and minds and also our Children’s.  We have been enslaved into a system of control that goes beyond most people’s understanding.  Our very lives are controlled by the food and pharmaceuticals which we purchase, and consume and have become accustomed to over time and are expected to use, and in too many instances even mandated.

The problem is that the chemicals are killing us and the Planet we live on, but the Cannabis can help to save the environment as well as us if allowed to do so. 

Most all of our food and useful plants have been wrapped up into the “new world order” under the United Nations and Agenda 21 which is responsible for the Treaties.

The U.S. Marijuana Party maintains websites and social networking to further the outreach of Cannabis related news and information as well as promoting for the repeal of the Controlled Substance Act, with particular regard to Cannabis/Hemp, but for many other naturally growing plants as well.

The U.S. Marijuana Party also maintains a Platform which explains our views on some major issues. 

Basic Human Rights for everyone is the ultimate goal.

Information is the key.

We urge you to view the “Marijuana Justice Act” introduced by Sen. Cory Booker, in 2017.


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