The United States Cannabis Hemp Health Initiative (USCHHI), was born of the idea that Cannabis is one of our inherited freedoms as individuals living upon this planet, which comes in the form of a plant as a God given gift.

It may be used sacramentally, or as food, or medicine, or as a relaxant, much the same way that alcohol has been for thousands of years.  It also has the potential, if it hasn’t already, to become one of the world’s most effective and useful medications, through the pharmaceutical industry.  That is NOT to say that we are willing to give up our own freedom of use of the plant to the corporate medical agenda, nor the current “legalization” which has taken place in many States, literally taking away the freedom to grow one’s own plants, and giving it to a corporate entity, either medical or otherwise.  This is not freedom.  This is further enslavement to the agenda of commerce in an evil way.

This is happening at a time when our Farmer’s need all the support that they can possibly get, not only for their own well-being but ours as well, as we depend upon them for our food!  Cannabis can be processed into many foods, as well now know.

The war on drugs, particularly Cannabis,  (other plants as well),  is rolling full steam ahead and if we do not get control of it soon we will have lost our God given right once again, and probably forever.  What will it be next?  Spinach? 

For this reason, we have decided to put forth an amendment which was written by Rev. Mary Thomas-Spears Joseph, a long time Cannabis activist from Bowling Green Kentucky.  This amendment was first written by Rev. Mary in 2014 but never officially presented to a Representative.  It was, however, posted online on Facebook and Kentucky Marijuana Party and a few other places.

We are hoping that since there are so many political figures and others throwing so many ideas on legalization, in every form, out to the public, that this is the time to say, “wait a minute”.  We know where this type of legalization is leading us and we do not like it.  We are the People of this great Country and “we are the law”, in that we are the ones who elected you and put you into office.  It is your duty to see that our rights are protected, not stripped from us.

We want a complete and total repeal on the prohibition of any type of Cannabis.  Its growth, its use, its gifting and/or consumption of any kind, in the privacy of our own homes.

If we choose to sell it or transfer it then it will become commerce and will be subjected to the rules and regulations and taxation thereof.

Below is the wording of KCHHI as it is written now.  However, it will remain the State amendment and a USCHHI will be written which will include the entire Country.

State by State this amendment can be passed leading up the the Federal level.  It does not matter if your State has already legalized, this amendment should still be presented.


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