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Above:  Jeremy S Marrs, died in an altercation with Glasgow, Ky police on April 14th.


GLASGOW, Ky. – Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s office has taken over the investigation of the death of Jeremy S. Marr, a Glasgow man who died while in Glasgow Police’s custody in April.

Marr died after an encounter with officers at a Cleveland Avenue home on April 14. The Office of the Attorney General has since received a file from Kentucky State Police, but no charges have been pursued.

Those officers were identified through documents obtained by WCLU News.

Glasgow Police Chief Jennifer Arbogast alerted Officers Cameron Murrell, Hayden Phillips and Guy Turcotte that they would be placed on administrative leave following an event at 1009 Cleveland Avenue on April 14.

“An incident of this nature required an investigation to assure that all Policies and Procedures were followed within this Police Department,” Arbogast wrote.

Through audio obtained by WCLU News, the scanner audio from April 14 reveals police deployed a taser onto Marr’s body.

“Be advised, taser has been deployed, taser has been deployed,” an unknown officer said. “Subject has been down, and he is secure at this time.”

Marr was reported to have shallow breathing before he began to code, which meant efforts to resuscitate him were underway.


It’s unclear what happened before police deployed the taser. A bystander captured a video and leaked it to social media following the incident, but an extended portion of that video has since surfaced.

In the extended version, it is unclear what prompted police to aggress Marr. The video appears to show police attempting to detain Marr with force before one officer is observed aggressing Marr with his knee.

WCLU News requested documents from Kentucky State Police, but those documents were refused by the agency. An opinion from the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office reasoned that KSP could continue to deny those documents because of “an active investigation.”

An open records request was filed through the City of Glasgow, but no information was given regarding the majority of the documents requested.

Danny Basil, city attorney, said he consulted the OAG with WCLU News’ request. An attached letter revealed the office received an investigative file from KSP regarding Marr’s death.

“The Office’s review of this matter is ongoing, and no prosecutorial decision has been made,” said Assistant Deputy Attorney General Amy Burke.

WCLU News has not received correspondence from the OAG after clarification was sought regarding where the case currently stands.

It’s unclear if charges are being sought in connection to Marr’s death.


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