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Be advised that the “Platform” was updated in January of 2015.

Our “MAIN” Issue stays the same: Repeal Cannabis from the U.N. Treaties, and the DEA.  REPEAL CANNABIS PROHIBITION and give freedom of this plant back to it’s rightful owner’s, “The People”…

Additionally we are taking on other issues as well which outlined in the document below.  However, since this is a “Party” OF, BY and FOR the People, it is imperative that we hear your comments and suggestions on these topics as well as others which are addressed throughout the website.

One of the most important issues today in the U.S. is Healthcare.  This is a “many sided” issue and we have been working on it for a few months now trying to come up with something feasible that would take care of all of the Citizens healthcare in the U.S..  We would really appreciate your (thoughtful and realistic) comments on this issue.



(Taken from the Kentucky Marijuana Party Mission Statement (@ 2002)

The USMjParty seeks to remove all penalties for adults 21 and over who choose to consume cannabis in a responsible manner.

“We demand an end to the war on productive and otherwise law abiding citizens by the powers that be who claim to protect us.”

“We demand the right to use any medication our healthcare providers and we deem fit without government interference.”

We demand the release of all people imprisoned on marijuana charges and that their criminal records be expunged. We demand that all property seized in marijuana raids be returned to the rightful owners at once. We demand that our law enforcement officers make more efficient use of our tax dollars and use the resources they have at their disposal to go after violent criminals and crimes that actually have victims. We demand the right to grow marijuana for personal consumption, just as alcohol can be brewed at home legally so long as it is not sold untaxed. We demand that you stop treating us like second class citizens for consuming something that is less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco, both of which are legal and cause numerous deaths each year. Cannabis has never caused one.

(The following was added 9.21.15)
We demand an end to the use of ‘drug testing kits’ solely for the use of identifying what chemicals or ‘plants’ that one personally
consumes or puts into or on their own body to be used for discriminatory reasons by employer’s or prospective employer’s, physician’s and
government officials, . The use of such testing is an invasion of privacy which is protected against by the Fourth Amendment.

        U.S. MARIJUANA PARTY    “We are Anti-prohibitionists”  USMjParty Platform 2015-2016

We are Fighting for the Freedom From Prohibition of Your Freedom’s!

We hereby submit that these “Issues” be adopted in the Platform of the U.S. Marijuana Party: 


Freedom  of the plants Cannabis/Marijuana and INDUSTRIAL HEMP for use by all people via a REPEAL of Federal Statutes, (beginning with the removal of Cannabis from the  Controlled Substances Act  (CSA) as well as U.N. Treaties.  –  to be non- taxable when not in a “sale’s or marketing” environment.  (If you grow it in your garden, and use it in your home, and DO NOT SELL it to others, then it remains non-taxable).

a. Marketing/Sales of Cannabis products and taxable interests to be determined by a reputable State Government Entity,

b. “Medical Marijuana” for use by all patients, to be non-taxable, when not in a “sale’s or marketing” environment.   Regulation thereof to be determined by a reputable State Government Entity,

c. Hemp shall be freely planted, harvested, bought and sold, within the tax boundaries determined by said Government Entity in (a).

d. Effective immediately no “Urine Testing” for the purpose of disqualifying a potential employee, Student nor a Patient from any type of care including ‘Mental’ health and ‘Pain’ care  shall be administered.

It cannot be mandated by any Physician, or other Medical practice, nor by the Court system. (A Toxicology Screen  may only be done without permission if it is a matter of life and death and the Patient is unable to give their permission, in a Hospital setting, in the course of treatment, and MAY NOT follow the patient out of the Hospital after treatment)

1. IF A TOXICOLOGY report is needed in the course of law enforcement in order to prove (or disprove) a criminal act(s) then a Warrant must be issued from a Court in order to lawfully pursue a Blood, Urine or DNA testing.

e. Furthermore: *Those individual ’s incarcerated for  Cannabis possession charges or growing for personal use shall be immediately reprieved and all personal property returned that had been  “FORFEITED”  during the process of being arrested, accused, or imprisoned for such charges.

Freedom to possess firearms, and freedom to carry said firearms, as well as freedom to protect one’s own life and property.

The  Second Amendment  provides for the Citizens of the United States to be able to possess firearms. This is fact and shall remain fact. EVERYONE has the right to protect his life, family and liberty.


Coal Mining, Coal Ash, Mountain Top Removal Mining, Oil Drilling, Natural Gas Drilling to be regulated and enforced via an independent panel of Citizens who do not hold a claim to any corporate entity involved in any type of Coal or Fossil Fuels.


Abortion Issue  –  Although the USMjParty does not endorse the use of so called “abortion clinics” nor the acts thereof, it places neither blame nor legal claim against anyone for said “need” nor the “act of obtaining” an abortion.

This is to remain confidential information between the patient and Physician, and the regulation should be limited to and comprised of the normal requirements for any Physician or Medical Clinic to operate.


Gambling Casino’s –  Although the USMjParty does not endorse “gambling” it will hold no legal claim against the operation of any Casino(s) and this will be regulated at the State level by a reputable entity and taxed by a reputable Government entity to be overseen via an Independent Panel of Citizens who hold no claim against any Casino.

 Drug Use and Abuse Issue’s ( excluding Marijuana/Cannabis/Hemp) as described in #1) ***

a.  Pertinent “Drugs”

1.   Any natural growing “herb or flowering plant or other plant” which produces euphoric and/or narcotic type of illusion/delusion such as  Salvia, Papaver somniferum, and  Psilocybin’s.  (For all practical purposes, these plants fall into the same category as Cannabis; See #1)

These “plants” as grown naturally should be removed from the CSA as well. These plants are found in nature, and are God’s gifts to us, to be used by those who wish to do so and should not have ANY repercussion for their use within the Federal Government Statutes. This includes growing and personal use.

2.    Any substance which is produced by chemical compounding, i.e., “crack, meth, ice, These substances require ‘ processing of a given ‘chemical’ which in fact, are not Natural God given substances. Many of these impose grave health risks as well as risks to those persons around them and the Healthcare System. Although they should remain illegal because of composition, the law should not be any more damaging to the people than the danger of using them. Therefore, guidelines must be reviewed and changes made to reflect this.

3.   Any liquid substance (with the exception of alcoholic beverages) shall be determined to fit in to #1 or #2 category.



Whereas the United States of America has chosen to implement healthcare coverage for all of its’ Citizens  (“Obamacare”), we do hereby submit further that 100% of covered health care costs  –  * up to but NOT including ‘human organ transplant for a Patient over 21 years of age.

In addition to Medical Care by any Physician or Medical Facility, coverage will also include:

Dental and Vision Care as well as Prescription coverage and any ‘medical necessity’  such as durable equipment, as ordered by a Physician for his/her Patient, with proof of need submitted. This is the ‘basis ‘for  all those who wish to be included in a “single payer system”.  This Coverage would be administrated by a ‘Single-Payer System’ and be paid for from Tax Revenue already in force and already paid by all U.S. Citizens.

The Administration, Finances, Membership and processing of Claims will be handled by a Federal Healthcare Insurance Entity working under Federal guidelines. It will not be a Private Insurer. A Citizen may, as well, elect to remain with a  Private Insurer and ‘self-pay’. However, this cost will not be tax deductible.

Immediately all Physicians and Clinics including Dental and Vision, Pharmacies and Durable Medical Equipment will be accessible to all, at no out of pocket costs. Additionally, the common practice of payments to Physicians (by Pharmaceutical Companies),  for ‘prescribing’ a Pharmaceutical’s medication must cease immediately for ALL types of medications.

NO LONGER will a Physician be allowed to accept or receive any type of payment for writing a Prescription.

     a. Prescription drug abuse and pain clinics. As people have, since the beginning of time, had occasion to become addicted to those substances which have been either prescribed for pain and other ailments, as well as those ‘drugs’ found outside the Physician’s office which are considered ‘illicit’, it must be provided for those persons to immediately receive  ‘addiction’ healthcare at the request of the Patient, at no cost to the Patient through the “Medical” care “Single Payer System”. Additionally, new treatments for addiction should be studied and implemented, such as Ibogaine. The Patient must take responsibility for his/her incorrectly using their medication as well as to accept treatment for their illness.

No ‘healthcare’ for ‘addiction’ shall be forced upon a Citizen for any reason. ‘Addiction’ therapy cannot be mandated by Federal Law. As well, Physicians should not have ‘DEA’ looking over their shoulders and dictating what a medical professional licensed for the care of these individuals can prescribe for their patients. The only way to guide people in the right directions is to not subject them to something that they do not need  –  While at the same time the Patient should not be denied legitimate pain care as needed. Many time these Patients are prescribed up to 10+ Medications for pain relief when two of the correct medications should provide the Patient relief as needed. Furthermore, ALL Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Soma, and Xanax type of medications should only be prescribed to take “PRN” or “as needed*”.

*Only those Patients who have extreme issues, such as Cancer diagnosis with intractable pain, or other illnesses which would require this, should be on a 24 hour pain relief regimen.

     b.  Heroin maintenance clinics” and “needle exchanges”

Immediately, there should be access to “clean needle exchanges” as well as “safe use environment”, including counseling shall be made available for those on IV Drugs who choose to take advantage of the program. These programs should be covered under the Federal Health System –
“Single Payer System” as well.

c. Inpatient and outpatient abuse clinics shall be free of charge and open to everyone in the United States, with their request for help.
‘Addiction’ care cannot be mandated by any Government entity. It must be requested by the Patient.


lution Standards  –  (including articles in #3)

Whereas the United States has had insufficient monitoring of its pollution of all kinds and as a result thereof caused undue illness and imposed upon its citizens unfair damage to their right to enjoyment of life because of said pollution,

The Organization proposes that those persons living in high risk areas be offered/given the resources necessary to move out of those areas which are a threat to their health and welfare due to pollution of the air and/or ground coming from area industries and utilities.


Law Enforcement and Imprisonment Issue’s:

     a. All Imprisonment shall be taken out of the hands of any other Entity other than the Federal, State or County government. There shall be no more “privately run prison’s” in the United States.

     b. All personal needs shall be furnished either “free of charge” if a necessity or “at cost” if not a necessity.

     c. Complaints of “brutality “or abuse of the incarcerated shall be handled immediately.

     d.   Prisoners’  rights shall be addressed.

     e. Those persons who are approached by law enforcement either on public property or private shall be treated fairly, humanely and
“constitutionally”.   Abuse of power by police officers will be immediately handled in a manner which is fair to both parties involved and resolves the issue. Any officer accused of brutality will be immediately removed from his position without pay until the issue has been resolved. IF the officer is found not guilty, then at that time his pay shall be resumed and “ back wages” paid.


Death Penalty Issue: 

Be it known that there will be an immediate request to the Supreme Court for a moratorium on the “Death Penalty” in the United States …

My Thoughts
The Government regulated Incorporated war on Marijuana and Hemp have destroyed the country we live in by replacing what is a totally natural substance with a host of chemical compounds for our every need. Problem is that the chemicals may kill us, the Marijuana and HEMP will help to save us by being implemented into healthcare, and many other areas including goods sold in commerce, construction of  homes, fuel, etc.
Ecologically Hemp can help clean Brownfields”, etcetera.

The U.S. Marijuana Party will address any issue concerning Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp
Prohibition, Human Rights and Civil Rights, as we believe in adhering to the “original”
Constitutional Rights of all United States Citizens.


smk 1/5/15

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