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USMjParty Organizer and Kentucky Chair
Sheree Krider
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USMjParty Head Chair and Colorado Chair;
Wayward” Bill Chengelis
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U.S. Marijuana Party (main site)
U.S. Marijuana Party Kentucky

U.S. Marijuana Party

U.S. Marijuana Party Kentucky

U.S. Marijuana Party Illinois

U.S. Marijuana Party Indiana


Wayward Bill Chengelis

Facebook Pages & Groups:
U. S. MARIJUANA PARTY (main group) (21,630+ Members)
U.S. MARIJUANA PARTY (main page)
USMjParty California (Page)
USMjParty Colorado (Page) Wayward Bill Chengelis (Profile)(Page)
USMjParty Florida  (Page)
USMjParty Hawaii  (Page)
USMjParty Idaho (Page)
USMjParty Illinois (Page)
USMjParty Indiana (Page)
USMjParty Kentucky (Page)  Sheree Krider (Profile)(Page)
USMjParty Maryland  (Page)
USMjParty New York (Page)
USMjParty Oregon (Page)
USMjParty Pennsylvania (Page)  Tom Johnson (Profile)
USMjParty Texas (Page)
USMjParty Utah  (Page)
USMjParty Virginia  (Page)
USMjParty Vermont  (Page)
USMjParty Washington State  (Page)


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