Jack Conway and his view on why we shouldn’t legalize HEMP!

Uploaded by Derek5141 on Sep 6, 2010

Jack embarrasses himself July 22 at the Kentucky Farm Bureau by using the discredited “gateway” theory to justify the continued senseless prohibition on the farming of industrial hemp, which is allowed in just about every other industrialized nation in the world except the United States. If Jack truly cared about Kentucky farmers as much as he claims to, he would be in favor of allowing them to grow a valuable cash crop that we currently have to import from all around the world, including from major producing countries such as Canada, China, and France. For more information on the many uses of industrial hemp, see here:
Jack’s reefer madness doesn’t end there however. Jack doesn’t even think sick and disabled people such as cancer and AIDS patients and returning veterans suffering from their injuries should be allowed to relieve their symptoms through the use of marijuana under the care of a doctor ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToIRCZRLbUo ). Jack’s position is that if these people can’t relieve their suffering effectively through the use of expensive and often addictive prescription drugs that typically have very dangerous side effects, then that’s just too bad. Jack feels that these people should go to jail for simply trying to treat their medical conditions and relieve their suffering in the most effective way possible.
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