Does LG&E have an invisible force field around Cane Run landfill?

Does LG&E have an invisible force field around Cane Run landfill?

LG&E Cane Run Plant

Following the release of the video yesterday by Cane Run residents showing coal ash billowing out of their sludge processing plant at the Cane Run coal ash landfill, LG&E provided this amazing statement to the Courier-Journal’s James Bruggers:

“Such a dust build-up is not an unusual occurrence and does not pose a hazard. At no time do we believe any dust went off our property. We believe we were in compliance with applicable standards at all time.”

The Cane Run residents across the street will attest that “such a dust build-up is not an unusual occurrence” is a factual statement. But it didn’t leave their property? In the video below, it should be noted that the fence you see directly in front of the billowing dust is where LG&E’s property line ends:

Unless LG&E has been secretly investing in invisible force field technology… that seems like a bit of a stretch. Especially since testing done on the homes across the street shows that they are covered in fly ash.

APCD spokesman Thomas Nord hasn’t gotten back to us yet on our inquiry as to whether this is physically possible, assuming modern physics and technology is as we assume. But he did give us this statement, saying that they are not done monitoring LG&E’s plant, regardless of the settlement agreed to yesterday:

The penalty payment and compliance plan only involve the two notices of violation that we issued in 2011. We’re not necessarily done with the Cane Run situation. APCD will be back out there to investigate as long as the residents feel there are still dust problems.

So there you go. The billion dollar corporation might very well face another $20,000 fine in 2012, which I’m sure has LG&E shaking in their boots, as we speak.

Posted by jsonka on April 19, 2012 at 2:12 pm.

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