For immediate release: 05/24/12

For immediate release: 05/24/12
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On May 25, 2012 ‘Time 4 Hemp – LIVE!’ launches an every Friday segment for 6-weeks focused on the disaster at Fukushima with Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.) as the first expert guest airing globally on 10-11a.m. (PST) and on AM/FM stations across the USA.
The World Health Organization recently stated that the radiation affecting residents in Japan’s Fukushima prefecture since the nuclear plant disaster started is below the reference level for public exposure in all but two areas and the world is safe from any danger once thought to be looming from the area – yet, many experts in the field strongly disagree.
Japanese Ambassador Murata is among those that have joined the growing chorus which include US Senators who are warning the problems at Fukushima nuclear reactor 4 is now the single greatest short-term threat to humanity and has the potential to destroy our world and civilization as we know it. Dr. Michio Kaku, nuclear physicist and professor of physics at the City University of New York states; “the whole world is being exposed to the radiation from Fukushima. The still-ongoing catastrophe at the six-reactor Fukushima Daiichi power plant in Japan has caused radioactivity to be circulating around the entire Earth.”
After visiting Fukushima, Senator Ron Wyden warned that the situation was worse than reported and has encouraged Japan to accept international help. Currently, an international coalition of nuclear scientists and non-profit groups are calling on the U.N. to coordinate a multinational effort to stabilize the fuel pools.
Evacuations are underway in Japan according to the BBC. Other reliable news sources report that the fall out from ‘black dust’ could result in health complications and perhaps death for millions of people in Japan and around the world.
This topic might seem to be ‘outside the box’ for a M-F radio show that is focused on ending marijuana/hemp prohibition; yet current research – along with Human History – indicate that industrial hemp could very well be one of the most important aspects in solving the many different problems that continue grow from a nightmare that began with a tsunami.
Hosting this presentation is Casper Leitch along with Joint-Host, Michale Krawitz. For those who miss the live broadcast, each segment of the series is archived and free to download and share at:
Please share this information with everyone you feel would enjoy knowing about it.

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