Ky. to change execution method from 3 drugs

Associated Press

Published: Thursday, May. 31, 2012 – 12:29 pm

Kentucky will change the way it executes prisoners after a judge ordered it to rethink the current injection process that involves three drugs. The move could open the door to a switch to a single-drug execution.

The Kentucky Justice Cabinet filed notice Thursday in Franklin Circuit Court that it would propose new regulations by July 24. The single-page motion does not say what changes will be made.

Justice Cabinet spokeswoman Jennifer Brislin declined to comment.

Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd in April gave Kentucky 90 days to make changes or face a trial to defend the three-drug method. Shepherd ruled that if Kentucky moves to a one-drug execution, any cruel and unusual punishment arguments raised by death row inmates in a lawsuit would be moot.

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One Reply to “Ky. to change execution method from 3 drugs”

  1. Pending legislation
    Please leave a message for your state representative and senator at 800-372-7181 (you can look them up here) urging him or her to support SB 63 to abolish Kentucky’s death penalty, HB 145 to end the death penalty for people with severe mental illness, and HCR 173 to create a Death Penalty Reform Implementation Task Force to develop a strategy to implement the reforms recommended by the American Bar Association’s Kentucky Death Penalty Assessment Report.


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