Written by: Roxanne Greschner RE: Prison System

Written By Roxanne Davenport Greschner M.A. 707-568-1082 THE DYNAMICS OF INCARCERATION Written By Roxanne Davenport Greschner M.A. 707-568-1082 We can create a better more efficient prison system by demilitarizing the system that we have. We need to disable the power of the guards union and to stop the development of organized crime linked with that …



and Sow it Everywhere

Some of you know about the Big Grow others may not. The Big Grow is an act of Civil Disobedience where you plant your left over seeds in a place of display with no idea of getting the plant back in any way.

The point is for people to see the plant and get used to it being around and to keep the police busy running around over calls until they decide not to react.

At that point Marijuana is basically legal. No one is shocked by it and the police stop arresting people for it. Sounds to easy but both the Sociology and the Psychology are their believe me. 

In the spirit of saving a fallen brother brother in arms I am starting a Free Marc Emery campaign in the USA. For those with their heads in the sand Marc Emery was extorted out of Canada to the US…

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