As The Assembly Considers The Medical Marijuana Act

(An opinion from an activist/patient published in the




Published: January 14, 2014 10:12AM

I have been writing the members of the Assembly trying to inform and educate them about marijuana and the benefits of ending marijuana prohibition and allowing Kentucky to jump into the marijuana industry as many of the States are now doing.   I realize that I have to overcome 77 years of propaganda and outright lies so ingrained in some people that they get angry when presented with facts that contradict what they’ve been told these last 77 years.
I have just watched what is probably the most informative and factual documentary on the marijuana issue I have ever seen. It was published on YouTube last July. I have asked our legislators, in the name of all Kentuckians who need this plant for medical reasons and, as they consider the medical marijuana law, to please watch this documentary before they make any decision regarding the bill.  Either way they choose to vote on this issue, they should have the information to help them make a fair and proper decision.  It’s informative and entertaining, and I suggested they grab a bourbon whiskey and a cigar and watch it with their fellow legislators.   Here’s the link—

If, after watching the video they still think we should continue the failed policy of marijuana prohibition in Kentucky then I have a few questions for them to think about.
After more than 77 years of arresting and incarcerating hundreds of thousands of Americans, more than 750,000 a year for the last 15 years at least, can they document one year when the prohibition of marijuana has been successful?   
How much longer should we continue the current policy, and when and on what basis will we decide whether the policy was successful or not?   If marijuana prohibition was a children’s poverty program and after five years there were MORE children in poverty, we would either shut down the program or modify it to make it work.   Prohibition has not worked.  Even the Drug Czar said we could NOT arrest ourselves out of the drug problem, so why are we keeping it up?
Allowing the passage of the medical bill is the right thing to do.  It will free up law enforcement from wasting their time and money on a failed policy and bring needed relief to the thousands of Kentuckians who will benefit from this medicine being legally available to them and will increase revenues to the state that are sorely needed.
It’s a win – win, Medical marijuana is supported by more than half of the citizens and unlike Gambling does not need a constitutional amendment. This same legislation is being passed in all the states around us. How bout we pass it first this time and you guys in the Assembly let us win one for a change!


One Reply to “As The Assembly Considers The Medical Marijuana Act”

  1. We can not allow our world, to be governed by people who lie to us….The worst part is the greed that plays Godfather to our failing society…A God given medicine , a wonderful resource that is being totally wasted in the hands of greedy politicians. I really think we owe it to Medicare and Medicade to allow this medicine ,a proper trial bases ,just like all the other things, put on the market…It is the least dangerous of everything out there!!.FREE THE WEED Medical Marijuana has done more then prove, it does have medicinal qualities!..Social security needs .. to save money any way they can ,as long as it helps.. Think of the old people on pain killers ,when weed would work and they could grow their own??OMG !! I want to give up on life some times ,but.. I guess God just isn’t finished with me yet..God Bless ya’All.. Hemp is what they don’t want but cannibus comes with hemp!!.


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