Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) has been illegally pouring toxic coal ash into the Ohio River,


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BRAZEN: For years, Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) has been illegally pouring toxic coal ash into the Ohio River, unbeknownst to neighboring communities. Now thanks to a hidden camera and satellite imagery, the utility has been caught and faces a lawsuit from Earthjustice along with huge fines. http://ow.ly/xoDMp
LG&E could be fined up to $68 million along with $37.5K for each day that goes forward until the dumping is stopped. Coal ash contains a toxic brew of pollutants, including mercury and arsenic, which can cause cancer. It’s the waste product left over from the nation’s coal-fired power plants. Here’s great information on coal ash >> http://ow.ly/xoOp4
Help SPREAD this post and TELL US >> Do you think the fines are harsh enough for LG&E’s years of illegal dumping?


One Reply to “Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) has been illegally pouring toxic coal ash into the Ohio River,”

  1. I lived in LOUISVILLE for 50 years of my life – I’ve known this was going on for ten of those years and put together my “first video” because of it which I will attach. I’ve watched people DIE from this – my relatives live(d) in South Western Jefferson County – The doctors tell these people that they have “Cancer” which is true to a certain degree…but most of them have Radon poisoning which the medical establishment chooses to “treat” as cancer….I have posted on Topix about it – only to be censored and deleted. I have tried my damnedest to get my family to move out of there but they have no ways or means to do so. I am now watching another family member in the area who is “sick” but they don’t know what to tell her it is!
    This has been going on for many years and left unchecked….There have been a couple of stories done on the subject but no one seemed to have listened. At one time I “heard” that one of the companies (not LG&E) had settled with residents for a measly $2500.00 ???? WTF.

    Louisville – unbeknownst to most people is a death trap!!!!!!


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