Cannastock 2014 will be held on Loves Branch (a no outlet back road) in Democrat Ky.

A person can get directions by clicking on the get directions on the event page, where the event location is provided with a map. You can also use Loves Branch Rd Whitesburg Ky, or Loves Branch Rd Democrat Ky, for GPS navigations. You can also click the location on this post as well. If you still have any difficulty, pm me, or comment here you need assistance.
Below will be some turn by turn directions from Hal Rogers Parkway, starting right before Hazard Ky.
We are taking Cannastock off the grid!!! A true backwoods hoedown, and I’m loving it, can’t wait for it to get here ,’-) pPp Aihoooooooo

Hal Rogers Pkwy before Hazard Ky, to
Loves Branch, Democrat Ky 33.6 mi

Head east on KY-9006 E
0.5 mi

Take exit 56 for KY-451
0.2 mi

Turn right onto KY-451 S
3.9 mi

Turn left onto KY-451 Connector
0.2 mi

Turn right onto Johnny Cox All-American Dr
0.7 mi

Take the 1st right onto KY-15 S
16.5 mi

Turn left onto KY-160 N
2.5 mi

Turn right onto State Hwy 1410/Burgeys Creek Rd
Continue to follow State Hwy 1410
6.2 mi

Turn left onto KY-7 N
2.8 mi

Turn left onto Loves Branch Rd
1.1 mi

Cannastock at Loves Branch ,’-) Aihooooooooooo

Event link below

One Reply to “CANNASTOCK FESTIVAL, Democrat, Ky”

  1. Arthur VanWinkle
    2 hrs ·

    Cannastock, a Cannabis awareness event, is just 2 weeks and a day away ,’-) Aihoooooooo

    This year will be a true holler hoedown. A getaway from the daily grind. A fun, and exciting way to bring the true facts about Cannabis to light.

    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again, and meeting all the new Cannastock peps. So tell your friends you know where the greatest party is Aug 1st – 3rd, on Loves Branch in Democrat Ky. It’s totally free, and it’s badass.

    If you would like to attend a music festival this year, but don’t really have the funds (music festivals are not cheap tickets). Well here is your chance. Grab your tent, cooler, friends and come on down to the Cannastock holler(Loves Branch Democrat Ky).

    Just a reminder. All Cannastock performers are welcome to set up a vendor booth. I encourage everyone to support the performers, and vendors as they are supporting us seeking Cannabis(industrial hemp, and Marijuana) Reform!

    Also do not attempt to sell any illegal items at the festival. If a person does, that person will be banned, as there has been others banned in the past. This rule is not negotiable! I don’t like being the bad guy, but I will. A person making a few bucks is not worth the trouble it could bring. Besides, this festival is about bringing Cannabis awareness, and not about the all mighty dollar.

    This is a Cannabis Awareness festival, not a “pot festival”. As pot festivals are held in legal Marijuana states, which sadly Kentucky is not one as of yet. I can not by law encourage, or endorse any illegal activities.

    I hope this festival helps bring Cannabis reform, as we could then have a full blown Cannabis festival in Ky.

    No ticket or parking fees, so most everyone should have a few extra bucks to buy something to remember this amazing weekend. ,’-) pPp Aihoooooooo


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