New Bill To Allow Medical Marijuana in Kentucky

y The National Marijuana News · January 2, 2015

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Another huge notch in the belt of marijuana reform in America. More and more seemingly conservative states are  taking their first steps to allowing the use of “medicinal” marijuana – a necessary step today, as more than half of the states in the US allow some form of Marijuana to be used – grown- or sold…legally.

The Louisville Sun Times Reports:

A bill to allow medical marijuana in Kentucky will be on the table at the upcoming General Assembly session. House Speaker Greg Stumbo is filing the bill, but he is unsure whether it will have enough traction to be successful.

Opposition to marijuana has lessened, but Stumbo still isn’t sure how many lawmakers would vote in favor of the measure.

“I think it’s going to get some play this session; I don’t know how much,” the Prestonsburg Democrat told the Courier Journal.

From Courier Journal:

Kentuckians expressed support for medical marijuana in Bluegrass Polls the last two years. Legislators unanimously approved a bill in the last session that allows marijuana oil to be used to treat seizures. Two bills to allow broader medical marijuana use died, including a House bill that was voted out of its Health and Welfare Committee before being sent to the Judiciary Committee where it died.

Since then, the issue has been discussed in at least three hearings by a legislative committee.

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One Reply to “New Bill To Allow Medical Marijuana in Kentucky”

  1. it’s time for those in Frankfort to put down the booze back away from the pill bottle and show some small sign of caring or being sober or just waddle their useless butts home to stay and let someone else that actually represents the citizens to take their seat


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