Bills to abolish the death penalty were introduced in both chambers of the Kentucky General Assembly

Bills to abolish the death penalty were introduced in both chambers of the Kentucky General Assembly on its opening day. Sen. Gerald Neal, a Democrat from Jefferson County, introduced SB 15; Rep. David Floyd, a Republican from Nelson County, introduced HB 82. Both legislators have filed similar bills in past sessions. To read the summary of the legislation and be linked to the entire text, click on the bill numbers: SB 15 and HB 82. KCADP expects both bills to be assigned to the Judiciary Committee in its respective chamber.
An exhaustive study of the death sentencing process in Kentucky by prominent legal experts, including two former Ky. Supreme Court Justices who sentenced people to death, concluded that the system is seriously flawed. After raising nearly 100 specific concerns and making recommendations to all three branches of government, nothing has changed. The only effective way to "fix" a system this broken, one that can lead to the loss of innocent life, is to repeal it.
KCADP supports these two bills because they do away with the death penalty and leave in place Kentucky’s life without parole option. Life without parole is a severe and harsh punishment meted out when heinous murders are committed and the defendant is convicted. It is also cost effective, less expensive than maintaining the death penalty, and leaves open the possibility of restoring freedom to someone wrongfully convicted. As of today, 150 persons sentenced to die have been released due to wrongful convictions.
If you want to express your personal concerns to your state Senators and Representatives you can use the message that has been prepared here. Or you can reach leave them messages at 1.800.372.7181 and reach a staff person who will record and deliver the message for you. Or you can contact Shekina Lavalle, our Outreach Coordinator, a plan a meeting with your legislators. Shekinah will also be in Frankfort every Wednesday and available to you if you contact her. Click on her name to email her or call 502.636.1330.
P.S. A call to the toll free number thanking Sen. Neal and Rep. Floyd for filing these bills will be appreciated.
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