Colorado Supreme Court gives the thumbs up to firing medical marijuana patients

Cannabis Patients Alliance

Medical marijuana patients across Colorado got a harsh blow today.

It sucks! It’s frustrating! It’s not right! It’s not fair! We’re talking about patients and their medicine!

In the Coats v. Dish Network case, the Colorado Supreme Court found in favor of Dish and upheld the appellate court’s ruling:

The supreme court holds that under the plain language of section 24-34-402.5, C.R.S. (2014), Colorado’s “lawful activities statute,” the term “lawful” refers only to those activities that are lawful under both state and federal law. Therefore, employees who engage in an activity such as medical marijuana use that is permitted by state law but unlawful under federal law are not protected by the statute. We therefore affirm the court of appeals’ opinion.

This was a very disappointing decision, although not entirely unexpected.

The whole issue of what’s “lawful” has come up time and time again. It was the issue we had…

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