Chemical weapons disposal plant almost competed



Kentucky News Chemical weapons disposal plant almost competed June 18, 2015 12:50 EDT RICHMOND, Ky. (AP) — An official says most major construction on the long-awaited weapons disposal facility at the Blue Grass Army Depot in central Kentucky is nearly complete. The Richmond Register ( reports project site manager Jeff Brubaker told citizens’ advisory panels on Wednesday that only minor projects, such as road paving and fencing, would be left after July. Once operational, the Blue Grass Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant will be used to disassemble and neutralize the mustard, sarin and VX agent munitions contained in more than 100,000 rockets and artillery pieces that comprise the Blue Grass chemical weapons stockpile. The depot has housed chemical weapons dating to 1944 at its 15,000-acre site in Richmond. Brubaker says he expects the facility to begin destroying weapons in 2017. Information from: Richmond Register,
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One Reply to “Chemical weapons disposal plant almost competed”

  1. Please view this website for more information on “Bluegrass Army Depot”
    Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD)
    Blue Grass Chemical Activity (BGCA)
    Richmond, Kentucky
    The BGAD is a Tier 1 Power Projection Platform for munitions, chemical defense equipment and special operations support for all of the Department of Defense. On 1 October 1999, Anniston Munitions Center (ANMC) became a subordinate unit under the command and control of BGAD. ANMC is a multi-functional Class V facility. It is a Tier II facility for conventional ammunition and a Tier I facility for missiles.


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