Raccoon invades beer warehouse with predictable result

Just for fun…

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It’s Friday afternoon, and that means GOOFY ANIMAL VIDEOS. From United Press International, we have a drunken procyonid:

NEW YORK, June 18 (UPI) — A New York man shared video online of a raccoon [Procyon lotor] trying its best to walk in a straight line without falling over after getting into some alcoholic beverages.

The video, posted to YouTube by Phillipp Scott, shows the animal stumbling around a warehouse near some broken alcoholic beverage containers while a man’s voice notes, “This raccoon is drunk!”

The raccoon stumbles over to some broken beer bottles and appears to lick some of the spilled beverage up from the floor.

The tipsy thief eventually seems to notice he’s being watched and stumbles away from the human voices. It nearly escapes the range of the camera’s vision before falling onto its side.

Scott said on Twitter the video was filmed at Union…

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