Regarding kendra sams – "lodged" at laurel county corrections" in kentucky…


Ms. Kendra Sams,  29  years old, was being lodged at the Laurel County Corrections.

According to Facebook posts she suffered a seizure on July 12th which caused her to fall from the top bunk in her cell and land on the floor.  She was not given medical attention at that time.

At some point she was transferred to Casey County Corrections where her illness became acute.  Her Mother was apparently contacted and she was then transported to the Hospital.

Facebook Timeline Posts:

Roger Hoskins

August 18 at 12:18pm · Garrard, KY ·


I’m waking up to some heart breaking news out of the family and asking for all who can please pray

Roger Hoskins

August 18 at 3:10pm · Edited ·


Please be praying for Kendra Sams she’s going into surgery right now … This young lady didn’t deserve any of this and I’m confident that the story will be told soon…. Please now all the family ask is to be praying

Roger Hoskins added 2 new photos.

August 18 at 7:15pm · Garrard, KY ·


These picture are of Kendra Sams and this is not even the Justice this young lady has suffered .. She’s has much more going I inside her… And is in critical condition at UK hospital … She’s in bad shape according to family who is with her when I am updated on her condition I will pass it along .. The family ask for prayers and this should have never ever happen to anyone else

Roger Hoskins

August 18 at 7:49pm · Garrard, KY ·


Update on Kendra they have 3 drain tubes in her and not sure one will work right but already pulled 2 ounces of infection out of her back but keeping her sedated until tomorrow to do more test … No one is allowed to see her till tomorrow so please keep praying

Roger Hoskins

Yesterday at 3:36am · Garrard, KY ·


They have started a feeding tube on Kendra and a temp of 102 … Doctors said that the next 72 hour will be very critical… So keep prayers coming and I have had a lot ask what happened… Right now the families focus is on Kendra … All they need is prayers but I promise this story will be told .. Thank for all the praying that’s going on and as always it’s in Gods hands ..

Roger Hoskins

Yesterday at 1:37pm · Garrard, KY ·


The story is coming out …. Please pray for Kendra the doctors are hoping she last throughout the day

Roger Hoskins added 4 new photos.

Yesterday at 3:19pm · Edited ·


This all started at Lcdc and she was sent to Casey county jail with the out come being her fighting for her life …. On July 12th she had a seizure a few weeks later she was sent to Casey county detention center will little or no medicinal help … Her mother was called to come get her and this is now her daughter returned home to her …. Don’t know if she will see tomorrow… Please pray….

Roger Hoskins

17 hrs · Edited ·


So thankful for Facebook this night as my post for Kendra has brought some light on all this but most of all I wanna thank the people who are brave and step up in behalf of Kendra … That is why Facebook is a valuable tool … As of 2 am there is no changes in her … I wanna thank each person who has shared this and by all means please continue to do so … This family deserves answers ! This could be your family member……………I will not disclose their name but here is a tid bit of information ……………..

My sister was in the cell with this girl in Casey co jail! She needed medical attention from day 1 this could be anyone’s family member please share this lets raise awareness

Michelle Jackson

11 hrs ·


Update on Kendra!!!!!!
She is still in critical condition they are having trouble keeping her BP up still and now they’re having to give her blood (1pint) so far… Please keep prayers coming.. TIA

— with Roger Hoskins and 8 others at UK ICU.

Michelle Jackson

3 hrs ·



— with Roger Hoskins and 9 others at UK ICU.

Michelle Jackson's photo.

Roger Hoskins

2 hrs ·


Please keep sharing my post maybe someone seen something and will step forward for Kendra Sams … This needs media attention to get to the bottom of this

Roger Hoskins

6 hrs · Edited ·


The family knows she is not perfect but to see this after being in 2 jails and her mother was called to come get her only to go into uk hospital is sad this is Kendra Sams if anyone was in her cell with her in laurel or Casey county please get ahold of this family … We are looking for answers to what happened .. This is truly sad … We have tried to contact all media but no help as yet so family has no choice but turn to social media .. Any information is appreciated …please share


It is currently 8/20/15 at 10:30pm and I am awaiting a call from Roger Hoskins who is willing to fill in the gaps in this atrocity which has happened under the watch of  “Kentucky Corrections “.

We can only hope and pray that Kendra Sams receives the justice that the State of Kentucky owes her because of this horrific ordeal.  She is not out of ICU yet.   She is currently still fighting for her life.

It never should have happened.

ANYONE who is incarcerated is entitled to receive healthcare under the Justice Department.


2 Replies to “Regarding kendra sams – "lodged" at laurel county corrections" in kentucky…”

  1. As of this morning per source Kendra is not doing well. They tried to remove life support yesterday but had to put it back in. Keep the family and especially Kendra in your prayers. Thank you.


  2. UPDATE ON KENDRA SAMS: I have been notified by someone close to family that they have been approached by the police and told them that ALL posts relating to her MUST BE REMOVED (DELETED) or there will be warrant issued against me. This is proof that we have no civil or constitutional rights in this State. According to the person I have confided in about the situation they have no legal right to impose this upon me or anyone else who has posted this information. I am currently in process of removing because that is the FAMILY’s wishes —- NOT MINE! Please follow up on this case as information becomes available….THEY CANNOT GET AWAY WITH WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO THIS GIRL.

    Mary Thomas-Spears aka Rev. Mary Rebecca Collins Roger Hoskins Robin Rider-Osborne Wayward Bill Tom Didymus Johnson Henry Fox Rose Krider Strauch
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    Tom Didymus Johnson until you are approached directly by someone of authority, what you have is hearsay. dont take down any posts related to Kendra Sams.
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · 6 hrs
    Erica Marie What happened
    Like · Reply · 6 hrs

    Sheree Krider ck the post in Kentucky Marijuana Party
    Like · Reply · 1 · 6 hrs
    Erica Marie I don’t see it
    Like · Reply · 6 hrs

    Sheree Krider…/regarding-kendra…/
    Regarding kendra sams – “lodged” at laurel county corrections” in…
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    Sheree Krider
    Write a reply…

    Sheree Krider Everybody read quick because I will probably have to take down.
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    Ralph Todd They can’t make you, that’s BS
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    Sheree Krider Please keep sharing my post maybe someone seen something and will step forward for Kendra Sams … This needs media attention to get to the bottom of this

    Roger Hoskins

    6 hrs · Edited ·
    Like · Reply · 1 · 5 hrs
    Tom Didymus Johnson DO NOT TAKE DOWN ANY POSTS!!!
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    Tom Didymus Johnson they need to hit you with a …..
    Cease and desist – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A cease and desist letter, also known as “infringement letter” or “demand letter,” is a document sent to an individual or business to halt purportedly-unlawful activity (“cease”) and not take it up again later (“desist”). The letter may warn that if the recipient by deadlines set in the letter does…
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    Tom Didymus Johnson If they serve you with one, they need to give you time to comply. Send me a copy and ill call my lawyer. now breathe.
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    Wayward Bill Unless you are served post way Sheree!
    Unlike · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs
    Sheree Krider…/regarding-kendra…/
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