They tried to put me lock me up because I blog, posing a danger to THEM, not to myself

This Hunger Is Secret

More and more evidence is becoming clear to me. People who speak out against the AMA, the APA, psychiatry in general, or a specific institution or doctor, and especially those who have a strong Internet presence should be aware of this. Did you know that psychiatric diagnosis can be assigned arbitrarily, without proof such as a blood test or xray? This means free reign for psychiatrists to diagnose a person they want to dispose of with any label they please. All you have to do is to show up. They can nail anyone they want, claiming this person is “dangerous.”

Anyone can be determined to be not only “dangerous” but potentially “dangerous.” That is, they can lock someone up with no evidence of a person’s current danger to self or others. Yes, it’s true! I just read an article on this in a medical journal. So with no evidence whatsoever except fortune-telling…

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