Because the feds rely heavily on state and local law enforcement assistance to enforce federal measures, passing a state law banning such assistance will make federal gun control “nearly impossible to enforce.”

(Please follow the links below for information)…(each pic is a link as well)…

Andrew Napolitano: Federal gun laws “nearly impossible” to enforce without state assistance


Nullify Gun Control

Virginia vs Feds

2nd Amendment Preservation Act

TAKE ACTION: Contact your state rep AND senator – and urge them to introduce this legislation for your state.

Find your legislators’ contact info at this link.

BILL TRACKINGat this link.


All states (except Alaska, Idaho, and Tennessee) should pass this legislation.

STEP 2-3: Ban enforcement of specific current federal gun control, expanding to all in the future.

Idaho and Alaska should pursue these steps

LOCAL: City and County Resolution/Ordinance Banning Local Assistance to Federal Gun Control Measures (pdf here)

All local communities can begin this process immediately. With some sheriffs already announcing that they will not participate in the enforcement of new federal gun control, the time is now to get that on the books – so that a future sheriff (or police chief) can change course.

Tenth Amendment Center

SOURCES of Information:  (President speaks at 42 minutes into the video)

Obama moves to further regulate gun sales with executive actions that circumvent Congress

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