10,000-year History of Marijuana use in the World

So you think you know cannabis/hemp, aka marijuana, ey?

Since the president of Missouri NORML Dan Viets’ and NAM introduced their new Act proposals numbered SOS #s MO2016-134 and MO2016-135, into the secretary of states office to change the constitution, there has been a shift of battles, so it seems. Instead of fighting for the re legalization of the cannabis plant, it seems a battle between proposals has ensued. The battle brewing is a curios one. The corporate world, NORML, Show Me Cannabis and New approach Missouri (supporting 2016-134 and 2016-135)against the grassroots groups, that are growing by the minute that support the Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection act SOS # MO2016-013.

Source: 10,000-year History of Marijuana use in the World


2 Replies to “10,000-year History of Marijuana use in the World”

  1. Isn’t it my civil right to have access to the same medicine as people of colorado or california has been getting for a long time .I live in the U.S.A. also treat each human being the same . Please free the weed.

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