What the hell is the deal with doctors,the government and the bullshit with prescribed opiates?






*Please excuse/ignore my crappy grammar .I was too lazy to edit before publishing and wrote this in a hurry on my phone.

You’ve most like heard about,dealt with or had someone you know deal with the “epidemic” of prescribed narcotics. Daily,hourly,minute by minute Doctors Nurse practitioners ,and anyone else that can write a script,are writing scripts for opiates. Drugs like oxycodone aka Percocet,Vicodin,Morphine,Dilluid and Fetynal(to name a few). Most people know the basics- their pain killers,their powerful,they can be habit forming,blah,blah,blah. In reality most people really don’t know there’s a LOT more to it…

I’m not at all a conspiracy person. Actually, I’m gullable to a fault. I normally don’t question anything and just assume everyone and everything is good and honest.

Truth has a way of smacking you in the face sometimes though,and I’ve been smacked. Hard. I don’t look at this whole situation as a conspiracy ,I look at it as a tragedy and I don’t know how else to put it,a blatant act by our government to use its citizens as a bank roll,until we’re sucked dry and disposed of in awful ways.Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if it’s not some sort of sick survival of the fittest/ population control – allow me to explain.

Years ago, I was young,optimistic And pretty wild.I was involved in a terrible car accident when I was 15,that left me pretty messed up. That was the first encounter that I remember with opiates.


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  1. ShereeKrider13m ago

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    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your writing this story. It applies to so many people that it is phenomenal. I live in Kentucky and I too was prescribed narcotic pain pills for various reasons but the most important issue I have is that I suffer from Major Depression and had been under Dr’s care for many years and on Xanax for over 20+ years for Acute Anxiety. I am also a Marijuana user which is what I believed kept me from using too many “Pain pills” and becoming a full blown addict off of them – The Marijuana sufficed for me. However, the issue came up this past year with passage of HB1 in Kentucky which enforced ‘drug testing’ on anyone using narcotics. I never tried to hide the fact that I used Marijuana on a regular basis and what I used it for and I always told my Doctors about it. My former Psychiatrist who care for me for over 20 years before I moved out of town had actually signed a statement say that there was no need to deny my medication because of Marijuana use. However, after passage of HB1 that statement made absolutely no difference to any Doctor because they are all afraid of being prosecuted for writing a Narcotic to a Marijuana user. All of my medication was stopped and I can tell you that IF I had NOT had Marijuana I would have had no choice but to turn to the street for “drugs” or have ended up dead from suicide. I have written a couple of articles about the experience and what I think about their HB1. It suffices to say that I live everyday in fear of becoming so anxietized that I end up dying from my own hand because of it. Why? Because the law has stepped into my health care and forbid me the medication I need to survive with the illness I have because I used Marijuana for pain and other issues. I could go on writing for a day but I will stop here and give you a couple links. Thanks again for writing such an inspiring story. And I agree with you, it is a health issue not a criminal one – However, I do not believe in forcing people into unwanted care either. So it is a slippery slope and everyone must get involved to stop the Government for mandating these types of “care” – “First do no harm” is what I was told by the last Doctor I saw when he would not fill my medication…I could have spat in his face. But I laughed it off instead and told him I was done there and got up and walked out. “First do no harm”???????????? WTF! Obviously he wasn’t very learned in the subject or he was just outright afraid. Probably both.



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