23rd District Kentucky: Freddie Joe Wilkerson (State Representative – Republican)

0511 Wilkerson mugshot .jpg

1. Why are you seeking office?

I do not like the direction our county is heading. I am concerned about the future of the Commonwealth and our children. Our government has continued to separate from the “people” and put us at risk. I want to be the voice of “all” people of the 23rd District.  

2. What are your top five spending priorities and why?

Education of our children. We must continue to ensure our children get the best possible education opportunities. I do think we need to take a look at where these dollars are being spent and ensure it is going to education/classroom and not other areas that do not directly impact our children’s learning opportunities.

Restoring the state retirement pension, We have a duty to ensure the retirement system is replenished to ensure people that paid in are getting the full benefit promised.

Workforce development. We must ensure Kentucky has a skilled labor force to compete for industry in this district and the Commonwealth. These funds should be spent directly toward the work force development and not wasted on buildings etc.. that does not impact the workforce development immediately.

Veterans. Taking care of our Veterans should always be a priority. We talk a good game but we are not ensuring our Veterans receive the care they need or deserve. I support a Veterans nursing home in this area to help Veterans of South Central Kentucky.

Agriculture Development, We must ensure our Farmers are able to sustain life on the farm. Funding research and development of opportunities such as hemp and medical marijuana would help our farmers and it would provide a better quality of life for those suffering illnesses that can be treated with medical marijuana.

3. Would you support a so-called “Freedom of Religion” bill similar to what other states have passed? Why or why not?

I would support a bill that ensures freedom to all. The government forcing adults to participate in an activity they deem against their belief to accommodate others simply does not ensure freedom to all.

4. Who is someone you admire politically, or someone whose leadership style you value? Why?

Former President Ronald Reagan. He had genuine care for people and he loved the United States of America and was not afraid to show it.

5. Do you support continuing kynect, or do you believe Kentucky should rely on the federal exchange for mandated health insurance coverage?

I support governor Bevin’s plan to convert kynect to the federal program. Saving money for Kentucky is critical and if it can be done without jeopardizing the health care we need to do it.


Party: Republican 

Age: 52

EDUCATION: Bachelor of General Studies with emphasis in Business/Western Kentucky University 

Career experience: 

• Served in the Kentucky National Guard for 24 and 1/2 years. Worked full-time from June 1987 to March 2009

• Real Estate agent with Mr. Bill Reality and Big South Realty from January 2009 to present 

• Small business owner: RADIT Properties Rental(residential), RADIT Log Homes and Barren River Log Condos Vacation Rentals 

• JROTC Instructor at Barren County High School October 2010 to April 2016 

• President of the South Central Landlord Association October 2014 to present


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