Iami Everpresent; 5th of Transparency



Video Link Above

Tom Johnson

10 mins ·

We were brought up (indoctrinated in their schools) to believe in “Systems” that don’t work.

A system is a system is a system…..troubleshoot the systems we live under for Truth, thats when you realize nothing is True ~Sysop

i cracked their code, i have Transparency…….

a world of deception
lost in perception
after closer inspection
its based on

from ancient pyramids of stone
to the coliseums of rome
DC has always been
a masonic throne

masons made DC a pentagram
for a devil worshiping uncle sam
cant you see its all a scam
i said it cause i give a dam

History has an eb and flow of injustices
while Lady Liberty comes in disguises
can you guess what the surprise is?
shes the egyptian goddess ISIS

Bush Hitler & Geronimo
there are things
you didnt know
and now their lies
start to show
they did it all
for skull and bones

Bush Family…….
& Friends
Government Devils to the end
revelation 20 dot 10
brings about their descend

tangled by a web
they did weave
gog and magog
did deceive
the 4 corners of the earth
you and me
Solution Provided
in rev 18

revelation 20 dot 7 (20:7 )
coincides with nine-eleven (9:11)
now their sins piled to heaven (rev 18:5)
North America is a head of 7 (rev 13:1)

fall of the twin towers
stunned peeps for hours
covered in dirty flour
destroyed by evil power

released from the abyss
now things amiss
a Holocaustic wish
was the Devils kiss

The Beast, the Mark the “Image”
Who do you think Allah is?
turn to Revelation 20 dot 4
indeed its a Holy War.
America is Babylon
and DC’s a Whore.

in Revelation 13 the beast of forlorn
the Washington Monument is a horn
Satan got here before you were born
now its time you were informed

justice roberts
supreme courtship
“mark” the words
from bidens lip
HR 3200 (thirty two hundred)
RF ID Chip

Sieg Heil!
Yes We Can!
That makes Obama
The 4th Horseman

on ashen horse he did ride
hell following by his side
no conscious is his guide
now the the lightenings
for him to ride

in revelation 6 dot 8
read to relate
why obamas muslims hate
chanting death 2 the united states
now hades is his fate

Novus Ordo Seclorum
Dont say I didn’t warn ya!

From Didymus
to the Apocalypse
God Bless everyone
and Thank You,


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