Mr. Trump won last nights debate…(another opinion!)

By:  Alexander Kennedy


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I am of the opinion is that anyone who watched the debate last night could not help but laugh!

Tell me how Hillary Clinton wins the debate when all she does is flip-flop all night? if I had to guess, she is the seasoned politician and yet Trump was more diplomatic and actually agreed with her on some issues. This is not what you would expect out of Donald Trump.  I think he controlled his temper better than her.  If you look back through the debate, he doesn’t appear to be mad at all, just spitting out facts.  However,  she is on edge all night as she complained that “He should release his taxes!”.

I agree that he should,  but she totally avoided releasing the emails we know she has horribly lied about, and does not appear to care about anything but lining her own pockets.  I think it’s funny that everyone is worried about Trump being in office because of his “temper”, but Hillary Clinton visibly showed anger and avoided  issues that would help the common American such as energy, immigration, and foreign affairs, and this proves that she is only in this for herself!

She criticized President Obama when she ran against him regarding his “birthright“, and brought up the same issues about Obama that Trump has in the past, and yet blasts Trump for doing the same thing.  But it was okay for her to do it 8 years ago!

In my opinion I will vote for Trump, because this Country needs a person who can run it as a business.  At least Trump wants to invest in fixing roads and infrastructure.  And building a wall could potentially create jobs for many Americans in some form or fashion!

All Hillary wants to do is raise taxes and make us more poor than we already are.

I remember another great President who built infrastructure and created jobs for Americans and he was a Democrat.  I am speaking of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Why does Hillary Clinton think that fixing roads and putting Americans to work will lead us into a recession when President Roosevelt  has already proven that he could (and did)  get us out of a depression with the same ideas?


Hillary Clinton is criticizing big business. If you look at the States that typically vote Democrat, they are all big business States like Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania. If the Democratic Party is for the middle and lower income Americans, then why do the big business States support her, and smaller, lower income States like Missouri, Indiana, Montana, Nebraska, and Alaska vote Republican.  So why do small population, low to middle income States vote for the Republicans and not the Democrats? if you look on wiki at every presidential election from 1996 to 2012 you will see a trend of big business going Democrat and small population states staying Republican.

If she is to be elected, I worry for our economy and national security. I think Hillary Clinton supporters are voting for her because they think it puts Bill Clinton in the White House for a third term.  She has demonstrated that she listens to no one, especially her husband.  Folks, this is not Bill Clinton!  This is a Candidate who makes bad decisions, breaks the law, and believes that she is above it.  I believe she is not the second coming of Bill Clinton but, rather she is the second coming of Richard Nixon!




Alexander Kennedy




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One Reply to “Mr. Trump won last nights debate…(another opinion!)”

  1. ‘Another damn opinion’… I love hearing what other people think.
    My opinion, Bernie Sanders should be president. His beliefs and philosophies are all about ‘freedom’… That’s the stuff I’m looking for.


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