From KY to Colombia South America, the Coal and Cannabis is flowing out of our hands into theirs…


Below I have inserted excerpts from recent news items I happened to come across today on mostly Google News.  It seems to have some significance for Kentucky, which is mainly why I am posting it.

According to what I am seeing within these reports, Kentucky, has once again, lost out to the drug cartels, though this time in a somewhat different manner.

“New Columbia”, a company that specializes in mining of “Blue Gem Coal” in Colombia South America, is going to spark investors this month by announcing through “Marketwired” that not only have their existing work plans been approved for adding raw materials, they have additionally taken up business in manufacturing medical marijuana products with a joint venture (no pun intended) (yeah), with “”.

So not only has “New Colombia” projected to take what has been lost in Kentucky due to over regulation of Coal, it has also set up shop to take the medicinal cannabis products market as well.  All in one swoop. Wrapped up nice and neatly in the shadow of a Corporation and a “Peace Treaty”.

It seems that the Colombian government along with the “Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia” (RAFC – Rebels), who had been the “cocaine cowboys” for the last 50 odd years have seen a reason to come together and sign a “Peace Treaty” for Amnesty.

Business seems to be picking up in Colombia.    Are they are taking the Coal and Cannabis businesses right out of Kentucky and straight into the hands of Colombian rebels?

I am not sure of what this information is telling us – outside of the obvious.  I invite you to look through the links I have listed and see what you think.  Maybe it is “something” or maybe it is next to “nothing”… Ill leave that up to you to decide!

Please leave a comment after reviewing and give an opinion on what you see happening here.



In its review of mining in Colombia, the U.S. Geological Survey states that “based on information provided by the coal producers in Colombia, the Government expects the production of coal to increase to 124.9 mt in 2011 and to 134.2 mt in 2019;

BARRANQUILLA, COLOMBIA–(Marketwired – Sep 27, 2016) – New Colombia Resources, Inc. ( OTC PINK : NEWC ) (“New Colombia or the ‘Company”), a Colombian company listed in the U.S. with premium metallurgical coal mining titles, is pleased to announce a letter from the Agencia Nacional de Mineria (ANM) stating the addition of raw building materials to their existing approved work plan for coal is under review. The company believes this is a final step before approval.

The letter including the background history of the mining title and all the works submitted by New Colombia Resources can be viewed at

The company’s concession contract ILE-09551 for coal and other grantable minerals submitted a work plan for coal mining in December 2012; it was approved in December 2013. The Peace Treaty signed yesterday in Cartagena between Colombia and the FARC will make generating interest for investment in Colombia much easier. New Colombia Resource also has a joint venture manufacturing medical marijuana products and is in the process of creating sustainable hemp industries in Colombia. To view or purchase Sannabis products visit Follow Sannabis on Facebook for photos and testimonials at

Some of the 2,500 people who were invited to wear white and witness the signing of the historic peace agreement between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in Cartagena on Sept. 26, 2016. (Photo: Luis Acosta, AFP/Getty Images)

Some of the 2,500 people  who were invited to wear

Above:  If the yes vote passes, as polls suggest, more than 52 years of battling between the federal government and Marxist insurgents-turned-cocaine-cowboys ends in amnesty. Peace be with you.  The peace treaty between the FARC and the national government was signed in Cartagena on Monday.  According to the treaty, the FARC gets six non-voting seats in Congress until 2018. This is meant to give them a voice while the reforms agreed upon in Havana over the last four years get ironed out in Congress.

New Colombia Resources’ Blue Gem coal is only found on the KY-TN border and central Colombia and is used to produce specialty metals such as Silicone to make solar panels, electric car batteries, and many more next generation products. New Colombia Resources has concession contracts and applications totaling 5000 HA of high quality metallurgical coal that will always be needed to produce steel and other specialty metallurgy products. Blue Gem coal miners in Kentucky are shutting down operations due to over-regulation creating a supply void the Company intends to fill.

New Colombia Resources, Inc. is focused on the acquisition and development of high-quality metallurgical coal properties and other available resources in the Republic of Colombia. They expect to have several revenue producing businesses including; metallurgical coal mining and rock quarry aggregates for domestic Colombian highway and railroad building projects. The Company owns 100% of La Tabaquera metallurgical coal mine in Colombia with an estimated 15- 17 million tonnes of reserves. They have another pending acquisition for 390 ha and a solicitation contract for 184 ha metallurgical coal concession. New Colombia Resources also holds a significant position in Sannabis SAS which legally produces medical marijuana products in the Republic of Colombia, visit For more information on the Company visit



New Colombia Resources Inc. to Develop Medicinal and Consumable Coca Leaf Products in Colombia

Aug 11, 2016, 10:09 ET from New Colombia Resources Inc.

Colombian company listed in the U.S., is pleased to announce its plans to legally develop coca leaf products for medicinal and nutraceutical uses.  The Company has developed a line of medical marijuana products in Colombia since 2014 through a joint venture on an Indian reservation.  Unlike marijuana, coca is a Schedule II drug in the United States because it has medical benefits.  The DEA announced this week that marijuana will remain a Schedule I substance until the FDA determines it has medical benefits. 

Indigenous communities in Colombia have been using “mama-coca” for centuries as a medicine and are allowed to grow coca leaves to manufacture and market products derived from their sacred plants, including marijuana and coca.  New Colombia Resources has made significant advances in creating several categories of products to be announced in the very near future.  They will partner with experienced Colombian and international manufactures in the respective industries of their products.

Legislation to shore up pension and health care funds for union coal miners, an issue that affects thousands in Kentucky, could hit the Senate floor during a brief post-election congressional session, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Thursday.  The Miners Protection Act passed a Senate committee earlier this month with support from Republicans and Democrats who say benefits promised to miners long ago will be cut by the end of the year unless Congress acts.



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