Bevin has been Governor for almost a year and hasn’t learned that there are 3 branches of government…



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Bevin has been Governor for almost a year and hasn’t learned that there are 3 branches of government that balance the others with different powers.

The Kentucky Supreme Court declared his university budget cuts illegal. Judge Shepherd declared his unilateral “reorganization” of the U of L board illegal because Bevin had acted as the “judge, jury, and executioner”.

The problem is: Gov. Bevin doesn’t understand that he isn’t running hedge-funds anymore for Wall Street.

Of course, there was a group of Republican’s called: “Republicans for Conway” during last year’s race. This group of Republicans knew Bevin was trouble because he was radically against their values.

In addition to his myriad agendas financed by out-of-state money, he wants to take away our Right to a Jury Trial. It’s called: “tort reform” or “too many lawsuits.” All of our Rights are equal under the law.

Bevin has shown that he neither understands nor respects the Rule of Law. Section 7 of the Kentucky Constitution states: “Right of trial by jury. The ancient mode of trial by jury shall be held sacred, and the right thereof remain inviolate…”. The Right to a Jury Trial is as sacred as our 1st Amendment Rights of Freedom of Religion and Speech; as well as our 2nd Amendment Right to carry a gun.

The attached article explains how Gov. Bevin favored insurance companies over beneficiaries for life insurance claims. He helped life insurance companies deny payments to families when the premiums had been paid. When we pay for insurance, we should get what we are owed. Bevin sided with the insurance companies over hard-working Kentuckians.

Of course, Bevin thinks it is fine for him to waste hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on his attorneys who fight his losing lawsuits because of his ego. Bevin’s interests are with Wall Street and “dark-money”, not the citizens of our Commonwealth. He ain’t from here, or even close from here.

Bevin doesn’t respect us and the Commonwealth we love.

Drinks, dinners, junkets and jobs: how the insurance industry courts state commissioners

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