Take Action Now – Amnesty International USA



Demand that Sheriff Kirchmeier and all other law enforcement in North Dakota respect the human rights of people opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline. Demilitarize, deescalate and do not use excessive force. Indigenous rights are human rights.

Source: Take Action Now – Amnesty International USA

3 Replies to “Take Action Now – Amnesty International USA”

  1. My name is Brian Hammer and I am presently being charged with cultivation of marijuana (first offense). They were only 7 days old. I live in tompkinsville Kentucky where they try to hang people on a little of nothing charge. I spent 103 days in jail, and got 20 months of drug court with 5 years hanging over my head. Also, it violated my misdemeanor probation in Louisville KY. They garnishing my paycheck on a child I haven’t seen in over 10years where his mother without my consent left to new York. What is left of my small paycheck is put into gas where I am run consistently daily to fulfill drug court criteria. My dad just had open heart surgery and can’t work so I got to take care of him and my mother that can’t work with rheumatory arthritis. I can go on and on how these small plants they screwing me with in the court system has ruined my life. Please someone help me with this. I am a nonviolent offender they keep oppressing. I wouldn’t hurt a fly!

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