Americans For Prison Reform

This is Going To Be a Year of Change For Inmates – If We Try There are quite a few people who have Facebook pages and groups who feel that prison reform is very important and it’s time …

Source: Americans For Prison Reform


One Reply to “Americans For Prison Reform”

  1. My 5th year in Federal Prison, I was moved from a Security Level 4 to a Level 1 ‘camp’…from ‘under the gun’ to ‘minimum’ security. I was there for a pot offense.
    The first lad to introduce himself was a former governor of Tennessee. He was there for selling pardons…along with his Lieutenant governor and head of the state police…the length of their stays…22 months
    Another gentleman was a former Federal Judge…he was taking bribes. His stay…12 months…
    When folks say the system is corrupt and all about money, never doubt that…
    It’s as fucked up as Moody’s goose…

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