What You Can Do to FREE Sam Girod

What You Can Do to FREE Sam Girod

Please do whatever you can! The Backstory The FDA is trying to put Sam in jail for 58 YEARS for a labeling infraction. Basic story here: http://www.davidgumpert.com/2783-2

Indictment here with explanations: http://www.kyfreepress.com/2017/01/fda-girod-indictment/

Local CBS affiliate story here: http://www.wkyt.com/content/news/WKYT-Investigation-Amish-farmer-in-jail-awaiting-trial-facing-time-in-federal-prison-411915635.html


What You Can Do

1. We beg President Trump to issue an immediate pardon for Sam. Please sign this petition: http://bit.ly/freeamishsam. Sam’s trial is in 4 weeks.

2. An email to Trump could only help: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

3. We sincerely hope that Atty General Sessions will step in and stop this gov’t abuse. A quick email to him will help: https://www.justice.gov/contact-us

4. Call or email your legislators, all of them. Your U.S. Senators and House Reps as well as your state legislators, even if you don’t live in KY. Just do a search on your legislator’s name and you’ll find a phone number or email address.

5. Donate to Sam’s legal fees: https://www.gofundme.com/supportsamnow

6. Attend Sam’s trial on 2/27/17 at 9am at the Federal Courthouse, 101 Barr Street, Lexington, KY. It’s slated to go for four days. Even if you can’t stay very long, a presence at any time will be helpful. Probably earlier is better, but any time.


The FDA has been going after small farmers for decades and if they haven’t been doing so in your state, they will soon. What’s to stop them?

For evidence of FDA and USDA abuses, watch Farmageddon on Amazon or Netflix. This has been going on for far too long and it’s time to stop it. Only YOU and I can do that!

Just lately these agencies have been particularly venomous toward the Amish. Reining in federal agencies is a huge promise made by almost every politician of late. Let’s hold them to it!!!

Recent Articles:

KY Amish Farmer Jailed over a Salve Label; the FDA Wants Him Jailed for Life

Our mailing address is:


312 Pine Crest Rd #117

Morehead, KY 40531

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