Get America out of United Nations

To the editor:

The United Nations was founded in 1945 at a founding conference in San Francisco. In attendance were scores of communists, communist dupes, Soviet agents and American traitors. The secretary general at the founding conference, Alger Hiss, spent 20 years in our prison system for lying under oath about being a communist. The UN was founded to prevent any future wars and promote world peace. Conversely, we have been at war someplace in the world ever since.

The United Nations cannot push their agenda of world socialist government directly. If they do, the people will catch on. They do it through nongovernmental organizations like ICLEI (International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives) that has about 1,100 member municipalities throughout the world under their propaganda thumb. Through a fairly complicated “visioning process” and manipulating promised grants from the EPA, DOT and HUD they have given training to the local city councils in the United Nations agenda for eventually total control.

This is done locally through more familiar NGOs like Envision Utah, League of Cities and Towns and Southeast Idaho Council of Governments. There are thousands of NGOs worldwide pushing Agenda 21 into local municipalities. It is no accident that the comprehensive plan for Singapore is not much different from the plan for Logan Utah.

This has been going on for many years with Land Use Planning. Our local officials no longer answer to the people that elect them. Many of them through their political correct nice guy methods will rival the arrogance of the National Socialists of 1939 Germany while totally ignoring their constituents. They attend summits sponsored by these United Nations NGOs. These people we have elected then make the transition from the good old boy at the coffee shop and benevolent PHD down the street into hard core environmentalists, if they are not already, passing sustainable development ordinances suggested by Agenda 21 through the NGOs.

In other words your city councilmen and county commissioners have now submitted to a foreign power. Now more than ever we need to get us out of the United Nations. Your representatives need to be encouraged to seek H.R.193 vote yes and get us out of the United Nations this year. Trump has said he wants to cut off American funding for the UN Our legislators need to extradite that.

Without the guidelines and control from the United Nations our locals might find another guideline to embrace. The Constitution and their oath of office would be a nice place to start. Local planners have all but eliminated property rights and have no intentions of stopping there. Get America out of the United Nations now!

Mike Lowe



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