Would a Border Water Canal Be Better Than President Trump’s Border Wall?

By CrisEricson2016 | Tue, January 31 2017


POTUS stands for President of the United States of America. Our current President is Donald J. Trump and he wants to build a Border Wall between the United States of America and Mexico.

Some people think this is a male fantasy, a type of penis elongation wet dream, spitting out illegal aliens instead of sperm.

Many Presidents of the United States of America have been known to love sex, such as POTUS John F. Kennedy and POTUS Bill Clinton. Men with high testosterone levels need lots of activity to release their urges. Running for political office is therapy for them, they need to shake a lot of hands, they need all that contact with people. They probably have some honey bee DNA.

President Donald J. Trump probably also has some pittbull DNA from eating genetically modified foods, as well as a little un-neutered male cat DNA. The Donald needs to mark his territory.

Citizens shouldn’t try to curtail his instinctive behavior, there are other ways to deal with The Donald.

So, how do we deal with The Donald? Your guess is as good as mine, but I’ll give it a try!

Please keep in mind that rousing protests outside the White House will only excite and stimulate President Donald J. Trump, so you may be certain his wife will probably get pregnant again soon.

My first tactic in dealing with The Donald is to keep in mind that he is sexy, and virulent and moist, overall. Sexy men like water, they like the idea of slipping and sliding in and out. So, how do we turn a Border Wall into a Border Water Canal concept? 

A Border Wall doesn’t have to be a Wall at all;
it could be an agricultural canal to supply fresh water along the border, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, overseen by drones the whole length.

A Border Canal would create a new green growing zone all along the Border between Mexico and Texas and Mexico and New Mexico and Mexico and Arizona and Mexico and California, a great deal of which is desert sands. This would create permanent new farms and jobs taking care of fruit and vegetable crops, and new schools for the children, etc.

Half of the water from the new Border Canal would go to agricultural fruit and vegetable farms in Mexico, for a per-gallon fee; and half would go to agricultural fruit and vegetable farms in the American States of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. I would suggest a stipulation that none goes to cattle ranches, but they would scream their heads off, because cattle weigh more and get more money (per pound) at the scales when the cattle are allowed to drink more water. Actually, let the cattle have water, so long as their cow platters go fertilizing   the fruit tree farms.

Also, to pay for the Border Canal, and to give tours to the protesters who will be shrieking their heads off that to build a Border Canal is an environmental disaster digging up natural areas and protected parks, we will have lots of solar powered motor boats with computer GPS chips.

The tourists can rent the solar powered motor boats and likewise, the protesters, so they can charge up and down the 2,000 stretch of canal waving protest signs against environmental destruction of natural areas – and while they are shouting chants, they will see all of the fruit and vegetable agricultural farms are vibrant and alive, green and growing, and the cattle gazing on green grass and alfalfa are fat. 2,000 miles of farms on each side of the Border Canal, lots of new employment.

So, how is President Donald J. Trump going to pay for this new Border Canal? He’s not! Ridiculous! Why should he? He has resources! Aren’t there about 2 million people in prison in the United States of America? Sitting there with a roof over their heads, served three meals a day and getting fat? Put them to work! Take them back from the private-for-profit prisons! They should be working for the taxpayers, not the private-for-profit prisons!

Your arithmetic is probably pretty good, even if you went to public schools in the U.S.A. and were socially promoted from one grade to the next higher grade without learning anything because of the “mafia” – oops, I mean the Teachers’ Union.

Well, lets give it a try here: a 2000 mile long Border Canal divided by about 1,000,000 (million) healthy prisoners (skip the other million, they are being denied health care in prison and denied outdoor exercise and served fake chemical slop instead of food) – comes to about 250 prisoners per 1/2 (one-half) mile. How long will it take 250 prisoners per each one-half mile of the Border Canal to dig it wide enough and deep enough to carry water all the way from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, and have cruising room on the surface for solar powered motor boats? Remember, a lot of this area is sand and rock, so don’t get excited about this happening overnight.
Go out in your own yard and dig a hole any size and measure it and time it, and then start multiplying one million prisoners doing that.

Well, you get the idea, this would require computer models like a video game or cartoon. 2,000 miles, lots of sand and rock, and one million prisoners. Extreme heat will make them collapse unless the working hours are very early before sun up and late in the day after sun down. Mexicans have an afternoon siesta for a reason. And you have to have trailers for the prisoners to sleep in and food served to them. You have to be ready to trust the prisoners with pick axes – (do you like that part of it?)

President Donald J. Trump could grant pardons to prisoners who perform above average and sing songs while working to keep other workers happy.

If too many prisoners get sick from  heat exhaustion, just arrest a bunch of the protesters and put them to work. Remember, we are talking 90 degrees in the shade during morning and evening in some desert areas.

There are no cool hours in the desert depending on the time of year.

Now, you tell me why the Border Water Canal won’t work to keep undocumented illegal aliens from crossing the border between Mexico and the United States of America?

Think about the terrorists pretending to be Mexicans and El Salvadorans and Guatemalans; do you seriously think any border patrol agent can tell the difference? Think again! The undocumented illegal aliens can swim across the Border Canal, they can use a disposable blow-up air raft, they can snorkel across or use under-water diving equipment and air tanks – so how would POTUS stop all of that?

President Donald Trump would certainly have flying spy drones patrolling the entire 2,000 mile Border Canal with border police speeding east and west along the Canal, some of them having once worked on cattle ranches would use lassos to capture the swimming illegal aliens, and large fish nets, and POTUS would erect huge American Flag poles with whale nets attached to the bottom of the flag poles and sunk underwater, so every now and then a crane next to the flag pole could lift up the net and remove some of the illegal aliens. Oooops- nasty phrase, I mean undocumented workers.

Of course, if President Donald Trump fills up the 2,000 mile Border Canal with Killer Whales and Sharks, that’s not really fair, their natural diet does not include illegal aliens and they could get sick and the nature lovers would protest like crazy. We all want a Movie of the first 100 Days in Office of POTUS Donald Trump, but we don’t want to be too grossed out.

Part of the Border Canal will be allocated to fish farms, of course, that only makes common sense, because the flow of water would be going from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, and the Border Canal would be wide enough and deep enough to section off fish farms where the fish are lured down open pipes into breeding areas. This is all good, more jobs.

Now, what if an illegal alien undocumented worker actual gets across the Border Canal? No problems, just have a drone pick him up and with robotic gripper arms, slip on a GPS bracelet and hand cuffs and deliver the worker to any farm anywhere in the U.S.A. which has contacted Amazon, or any such company, for a Drone Delivery, and drop the worker off with a new social security number and automatic billing and garnishment of wages for taxes installed in a computer chip drilled into the worker during the Drone Deliver Flight. No one will hear the worker screaming up in the sky at the right altitude.

Are you still thinking that President Donald J. Trump’s Wall idea is better than this Border Water Canal idea? Think of the Border Canal as a birth canal. Fish farms, Lobster, I’m already hungry, pass the butter, please!

To tell POTUS, President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, to not build a Border Wall or a Border Canal, would have as much effect as telling a bird not to build a nest, or to tell a pit-bull not to dig holes all over your front yard – it’s in their DNA; like an artist descended by a caveman who did cave drawings, you can’t stop certain behavior.

How many children in the U.S.A. are given building blocks to play with?

So, get used to it. President Donald Trump just happens to have more testosterone than our most recent President, and this trend is born out in scientific research – apparently men born more recently have 30% less testosterone – and chemicals used for insecticides may be the reason. Glyphosate, for one, is blamed by some scientists
for reducing male testosterone. The Donald must build. All we can do is re-direct him to digging rather than stacking blocks.

Please take the time to search internet images
for the border between Texas and Mexico, and New Mexico and Mexico, and Arizona and Mexico, and California and Mexico. Imagine a Border Wall or a Border Canal in those photos you see on the internet.




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