A look at Kentucky Cannabis Activists circa 2009

There are a lot of Cannabis Activists fighting the good fight here in the State of Kentucky.  They have been fighting for years – to no avail.  But we never give up!  We will keep fighting until we win!

It started with Gatewood Galbraith, Craig Lee   and many more, some of whom are in this video.  It has continued on through the years with so many people I could not name them all here.  There is a list of Kentucky Activists on both of the Kentucky Marijuana Party’s websites both here and also at http://kyusmjparty.weebly.com. It is only a partial listing of all the people who have helped fight this war in Kentucky, but it is dedicated to all of them!

In the YouTube Video below, filmed in 2009 Craig Lee is seen explaining the benefits of Hemp along with many other Activists, some of whom have since passed on, “fighting for the freedom from the prohibition of our freedoms”… REPEAL Cannabis Prohibition!

Kentucky Duby Day Run For The Reefers Marijuana March 2009


Published on May 24, 2013

A grass roots group of medical marijuana patients in the spirit of true blue freedom fighters, rumble through the city of Paducah, Kentucky shouting exciting news for the people inside The Jail, The Federal Courthouse, The Police Department, The Churches, and The Paducah Sun Newspaper.

They march to protest the media blackout of hemp and cannabis issues in front of their buildings on a beautiful day in May 2009. Then they give a knock out punch to the church, the politicians, the local Sheriff’s office ,the State Police, even the Governor gets a public “tongue lashing” from these few brave warriors fighting the War on Drugs. All while trying to educate and enlighten the public about what is going on inside of the Industrial Hemp Movement, as well as the medical marijuana movement.

This 2 hour heartwarming, live action film will delight both the marijuana activists, and the non-toking hempsters who want a green economy to save the world! Filled with critical information for doctors and farmers, these Kentuckians try their very best to fire you up with laughter and love as they beg you to help make our world a better place to live. As a viewer you will be included in this virtual experience of the cannabis freedom fighter. Filmed and edited by HemprockTv .

This film includes appearances of nationally known activist’s like Craig Lee from the Kentucky Hemp Council who has co -stared in movies like “Hempsters Plant The Seed” and the award winning Documentary “Standing Silent Nation” seen on PBS. Ms. Cher Ford McCullough“, President of “The Women’s Organization For National Prohibition Reform” … Humanitarian care giver and marijuana comic Ronnie Lee Smith AKA…The Reverend Rolland A. Duby .”Medical Marijuana patient” Reverend Mary Spears, High Times Freedom Fighter and living ‘Marijuana Comic book character’, Jess Williams AKA. The Real Fat Freddy, and an Ex US Army Infantry Veteran (Chers’ inseparable husband) Brian McCullough … as they fearlessly lead the way for the next generation of Kentuckys’ marijuana activists.

So get ready to accept a challenge to get active..’Interactive’,…. The challenge is simple. Know Pot / Know Peace ….or is it… No Pot / No Peace? Pack a bowl and every time you laugh..take a hit! You’ll be glad you did!



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