Like Deer in headlights–they are stuck on stupid…But make some valid points!

USMjParty Indiana


LINK above to press conference!

Indiana prosecutors discuss stance against legalizing marijuana LINK

After listening to the press conference in Indiana concerning the legalization of Marijuana and their reasons for not doing so, that was my first thought…They are like Deer in headlights, they are stuck on stupid and don’t know which way to go, BUT they have some valid points!

The first person who stepped up with an opinion was Luke Niforatos, of SAM or Smart Approaches to Marijuana , DC Group started by Kevin Sabet. Luke lives in Denver, Colorado and said that the “quality of life plummeted” and they want legalization stopped. SAM pushes for scientific research of Marijuana. Luke states that Marijuana traffic fatalities have risen and mental illness including Schizophrenia, suicide, depression, have increased. It is all about a profit driven industry with highly intoxicating THC products and edibles which are targeting…

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