(Louisville, KY) Medical Marijuana Town Hall Comment Form


The following comment form is being circulated to give the Citizens of the Louisville Metro area of Kentucky a chance to voice their opinions concerning the ongoing medical marijuana discussions in the Legislature.

Please take a moment if you live in this area to fill out the form and let them hear your feelings on this subject.

Thank You!

Medical Marijuana Town Hall Comment Form

Louisville Metro Council’s Health and Education Committee Medical Marijuana Town Hall Comment Form. The Louisville Metro Council values your input on a resolution under consideration regarding the legalization of Medical Marijuana.


3 Replies to “(Louisville, KY) Medical Marijuana Town Hall Comment Form”

  1. I am in a wheelchair due to missing vertebrae and I also have Type 1 diabetes. I only use cannabis at night to help me with pain or to help me sleep. Otherwise I would be unable too. I do not want to use pain killers due to addiction that runs in my family. I do not need to use cannabis all the time.I only use it when necessary.please consider legalizing this. The benefits are to great. My sister dying of cancer could benefit from this as well. Please.

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  2. I lost my leg 13 yrs ago in an accident and I suffer from phanttom pains and PTSD and if not for cannibas I would still be on opioids and xanex which was very dangerous for me and I rely on cannibas to go into public places plz plz legalize it

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