Geoff Young (D) Drops Peaceful, Legal Bomb on Kentucky "Democratic" Party

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Geoffrey M Young shared a link.

Yesterday at 4:08pm

Geoff Young (D) Drops Peaceful, Legal Bomb on Kentucky “Democratic” Party

Please contact U.S. Attorney Robert M. Duncan, Jr. at the Lexington Main Phone Number: (859) 233-2661 – and leave a message asking him to empanel a federal grand jury to decide whether to indict these 121 suspects.

Media Release – For Immediate Release – March 7, 2018 – Lexington, KY

Geoff Young (D) Requests the Indictment of 121 Ky. Dems for Felony Election Fraud

On 2/22/18, Geoff Young, the first Democrat to file to run for the U.S. House seat that is now occupied by Andy Barr (R), mailed an “Official, Notarized Criminal Complaint Against Certain Powerful Democrats for Ongoing Election Fraud and Violations of Geoff Young’s Constitutional Rights (Federal and Kentucky)” to the U.S. Attorneys for Eastern Kentucky, Western Kentucky, and the FBI. He suggested that they might want to convene a grand jury to decide whether to indict 121 powerful Kentucky Democrats, including the following people:

1. Ben Self, Current Chairperson of the Kentucky “Democratic” Party (lives in Fayette Co.)
2. Sannie Overly, former Chair of the KDP from 1/30/16 to 11/11/17
3. Patrick Hughes, former Chair of the KDP from 2/6/15 to 1/30/16
4. Dan Logsdon, former Chair of the KDP from 2010 to 2/6/15
5. Mary Nishimuta, Executive Director of the KDP (Scott County, I believe)
6. Charlotte Flanery
7. Ronnie Bastin
8. Mark Barnard
9. Reggie Thomas
10. Amy McGrath
11. Jim Gray
12. Adam Edelen
13. Jack Conway, former Attorney General of Kentucky
14. Steve Beshear, former Governor of Kentucky
15. Attorney General Andy Beshear
16. Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes
17. The Kentucky Young Democrats and whoever was Chairperson on 8/26/17
18. The College Democrats of Kentucky and whoever was Chairperson on 8/26/17
19. George Russell, Franklin Co. Chairperson and member of State Board of Elections
20. Albert B, Chandler III, member of State Board of Elections
21. Donald W. Blevins, member of State Board of Elections
22. Maryellen Allen, former Executive Director of the State Board of Elections
23. Greg Copley, Attorney General’s Office
24. Barbara Whaley, retired from Attorney General’s Office
25. Shawna Kincer, Attorney General’s Office
26. Jon Salomon, Esq.
27. Adam K. Neel, Esq.
28. Kristin E. McCall, Esq.
29. Mark Guilfoyle, Esq.
30. Jennifer A. Moore, Esq.
31. Abigale Rhodes Green, Esq.
32. Bailey Roese, Esq.
33. Christie A. Moore, Esq.
34. Matt James, Assistant Attorney General
35. Clint Morris, Chairperson of the Fayette County “Democratic” Party

50. Donna Moore Campbell

55. Angela Evans
56. Chris Ford
57. Denise Gray

59. Josh Hicks

66. Bob McNulty
67. Josh Mers

76. Alayne White

The State Central Executive Committee of the KDP and all of its voting members.

Young also has a federal lawsuit pending against the KDP and FCDP for election fraud, which is now before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. Young stated: “This criminal conspiracy has been continuing to violate my freedom of speech, the KDP Bylaws, and Kentucky election laws, even while my civil lawsuit is still pending against them. They don’t seem to take election fraud seriously.”

He concluded, “It will be up to federal law enforcement authorities to determine whether to prosecute the conspiracy for federal crimes first, or wait until my civil lawsuit is finally resolved.”

Young’s 67-page Criminal Complaint is available via Dropbox using this URL:…/Criminal02%20Complaint%20to%20US%…

For more details or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Geoff Young for Congress
(859) 278-4966
Campaign web site:
Email: [email protected]

Criminal02 Complaint to US Atty E W Ky Feb2218.doc

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