Kentucky Marijuana Bills 2019

RJR 2010

The following information is taken from Bill Watch on Kentucky.Gov.  The link above will allow you to register to view this information in it’s entirety.

As well, much information can be accessed through the Kentucky Legislature at this link.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019, Introduced in Senate by Dan Malano Seum;

SB 80(BR-836) 

AN ACT relating to the regulation of cannabis and making an appropriation therefor.

– Establishes the Department of Cannabis Control,

– Prohibits cultivation of more than 5 marijuana plants,

– Prohibits commitment of children over a cannabis offense,

– Establishes possession limits,

– Prohibits smoking cannabis in public,

– Adult use, over age 21.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019, Introduced in House by: 

St. Onge , Diane
Nemes , Jason
Hart , Mark
Sims Jr , John

 HB 136(BR-58)

AN ACT relating to medicinal marijuana and making an appropriation therefor.

– to establish the Division of Medicinal Marijuana within the Department of Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis Control;

– to establish restrictions on the possession of and cultivation for personal use of medicinal marijuana by qualifying patients, visiting patients, and designated caregivers; to establish certain protections for cardholders;

– to clarify that the use of medicinal marijuana by a qualifying patient or visiting qualifying patient is to be treated the same as the use of prescribed pharmaceutical medications;

– Prohibits smoking cannabis in public,


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14 Replies to “Kentucky Marijuana Bills 2019”

  1. We are just starting to develope what Cannabis products can do for human illnesses… There are several different natural chemicals in Cannabis, my last read about Marijuana was it has over 420+ chemicals — all by nature… The prohibition against pot set in the 20’s is an ignorant backward mislead law… Little was known then… Modern advances have opened possible new horizons of developments of which we yet have to discover… GOD created the plant and HE ment it for the good of man… Let us discover what HE has put here for all human beings… Politicians get off your comfortable seat and pass the laws to develope Cannabis laws… Former 70’s user now 69…


  2. HB 136 is a must for Kentucky in 2019. I am a cancer survivor and a chron’s patient. Without cannabis I don’t know if I would be here today. It is a shame the lies our government has spread, yet people still keep eating from their hands. The government is more worried about big pharma than its own people which is a total shame. I refuse to take pharmaceuticals until I can try a natural substance for my illness. Because I know it helps but with the right products can I attain remission as many others with chron’s have. If Kentucky stalls again on this it is time for my family and I to move to a state that does care, or is compassionate to people with illnesses. I love my state, but does its politicians compassionate towards me and others like me. I guess we will see.

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