Barren County deputy jailer arrested for promoting contraband

Avery Ward

Avery Ward, 25, of Glasgow was arrested Friday morning by the Barren County Sheriff’s Office. He’s charged with first-degree promoting contraband. According to a news release, Detective Adam Bow arrested Ward following a complaint alleging that Ward had been taking contraband into the jail and giving it to inmates.

“During the course of the investigation, Detective Bow learned that Ward, a Deputy Jailer, had on several occasions provided inmates with lighters and tobacco,” the news release said. “It was also discovered that one of those lighters had been used to set a fire inside the jail.”

Barren County Jailer Aaron Bennett released a statement to media Friday morning stating that the issue had been brought to his attention Tuesday.

“After a short investigation into the complaint the case was turned over to the Barren County Sheriff’s Office,” Bennett said in the statement.

“I expect professionalism, from all my Deputy Jailers. I expect them to do their job in the highest standards as does our community. We police our own and expect the highest levels of performance. I hold all my deputies accountable for their actions, for everything they do or fail to do.”

Bennett said in a phone interview with the Daily Times that Ward will be housed at the Hart County Jail. He said he believed Ward had been employed at the jail since February.

“Barren County Detention Center and its staff will continue to move forward and continue to serve our community with the utmost highest standards,” Bennett said in his statement.

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