How Facebook Could End Up Controlling Everything You Watch and Read Online

By Marcus Wohlsen 10.30.14  |   6:30 am  |   Permalink   How many of you are reading this because of a link you clicked on Facebook? In the online publishing industry (which WIRED obviously is part of), Facebook’s influence on site traffic—and therefore ad revenue—is difficult to overstate. Over the past year especially, “the homepage is …


Jennica Stein Yesterday at 2:26pm POLICE ARE EVERYWHERE

Jennica Stein Yesterday at 2:26pm POLICE ARE EVERYWHERE First, this is VERY important to read and understand. I’m doing my best to look out for all the Facebook Users who aren’t as tech savvy as their kids or friends. I’m trying to help explain what’s happening because if I don’t…nobody else will! If you’re anything …

Facebook tramples human research ethics and gets published by PNAS for the effort

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Facebook may have experimented with controlling your emotions without telling you

I start out an angry bastard on most days, but that’s just before coffee. After that, I actually lighten up and quite enjoy life and laughter. I’m really not the bitter old curmudgeon I tend to unleash when I write. Even much of my political ranting is spent more tongue-in-cheek and facepalming than actually risking a real aneurysm.

But this pisses me right off.

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The Hijacking of the Kentucky Marijuana Party

The Hijacking of the Kentucky Marijuana Party … via ShereeKrider on Facebook! On Saturday April 5th, 2014, I was notified by Brenda Eaton, a friend on Facebook that someone was using my name to duplicate my main profile account. From Brenda: “Someone is trying to steal your profile... I got a friend request from you …