Medical Marijuana : “Gain” one right, loose others


I am a medical marijuana patient. Which in my state grants me certain rights- the right to ingest cannabis. The right to purchase it at dispensaries. And the right to grow (a limited amount) of cannabis. And of course- all these rights come with the major caveat- they are still forbidden under federal law, a lwa whose enforcement can, and does change, at the whim of not only the current administration, but of the non-elected people in power within the many federal agencies.

But the point I want to make here- is the loss of my freedom of travel. While nearly a third of the states have medical marijuana laws- most have no provisions to recognize patients from other states. So- IF I travel out of state, whether as part of my job, or to visit family or friends, for pleasure, or to see another doctor/specialist- I once again become…

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An attack seizes Chaz Moore’s body, stealing much of his breath

COLORADO SPRINGS – An attack seizes Chaz Moore’s body, stealing much of his breath. Spasms in his throat, lungs and diaphragm cause the 17-year-old to speak in hiccups, one syllable at a time. He says it feels like a grown man is jumping on his chest as the muscles in his belly roll like waves. …