We have to stop the Government from abusing our children!

Sumner (center) has lunch with students at John G. Carlisle School in Covington with Sheriff Chuck Korzenborn (left) and Superintentendent Alvin Garrison (right) (RCN file) Not only do they profile us as adults, they do it to our children as well!  And it seems to me that all children are being approached and prosecuted similar …

Police Can Now Take Your DNA for Mere ‘Suspicion’ of A Violent Crime

August 4, 2015 by Joshua Scott Hotchkin 11 Comments On Monday August 3rd, 2015, the Dakota County (Minnesota) Sheriff’s Office became the first in the nation to implement a new Supreme Court ruling that allows police to collect DNA from those arrested for suspicion of a violent crime. The old laws stated that a conviction …

Ron Paul’s Passive-Aggressive Campaign Against Rand Paul

In his pursuit of the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, Rand Paul has made sure to put lots of distance between himself and his father—and Dad appears to be firing back. Ron Paul does not approve of his son Rand Paul’s position on the Iran deal, and he let him know Thursday evening in a speech …

In major policy shift, Israel will allow sales of medical marijuana in pharmacies

Written By Emily Gray Brosious Posted: 07/28/2015, 02:29pm The Israeli Health Ministry will allow medical marijuana to be sold in pharmacies alongside other prescription medications, according to Haaretz. This policy change means Israeli medical marijuana patients will be able to fill their prescriptions at local pharmacies, rather than buying directly from growers and distribution centers. …

Some Delaware County residents turn to heroin after pain doctor arrested

This is very important information because many people who have been “fired” by their doctors or refused medication refills because of positive drug tests for Marijuana are in this group of VICTIMS!

Kentucky IS ONE OF THOSE STATES which is seeing a escalation of heroin epidemic because of this!

This has to stop being the norm as it has caused a genocide of people who formerly were just casual or medical marijuana smokers to be condemned to death because the pain medication has been revoked!


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MUNCIE, Ind. (April 14,2015)– In the months following the arrest of a Muncie pain doctor, some Delaware County residents have turned to street drugs. Federal and local authorities raided Dr. William Hedrick’s pain clinic in the fall of 2014. He was later arrested and charged with reckless prescribing and conducting a corrupt business. Prosecutors have linked him to several overdose drug deaths in Delaware County.

“I have turned to the streets, I’m in a lot of pain,” said a former patient of Hedrick.

William Hedrick William Hedrick

In pain and nowhere to turn, that’s how one former patient describes his current condition. He says he was a patient of Hedrick’s for several years and relied on powerful narcotics to subdue the pain.

The former patient says other physicians refuse to treat him since he was once under the care of Hedrick. He tells FOX59 that he turned…

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STOP the F/G Fracking in Kentucky! Send the message now!

  Governor Beshear, the General Assembly and the Energy and Environment Cabinet (EEC) are seeking comments on how the Commonwealth should move forward with regulating the oil and gas industry — including fracking. Around the country, fracking has been known to create toxic air pollution, contaminate drinking water and lead to health problems in communities …

If they can "repeal" Obamacare then they can REPEAL the CSA and end the "War on Drugs" …

Yesterday the news came out about Sen. Mitch McConnell about to REPEAL OBAMACARE with a  "Simple 51-Vote Majority".     Hallelujah!   It is my opinion that the "Repeal" option should be utilized more often when good people get hurt by a bad law!  That is the reason that I post about "repealing" the laws …

Life Dripping Away: Making Billions from Suffering Addicts

Applied Faith

I have to speak out.

I minister at an inpatient detox facility I minister at an inpatient detox facility On my weekly teaching visits to our local detox facility, I see the faces behind the numbers that the “intelligentsia” of addiction services bandies back and forth. To me, the numbers have their use, but the suffering of the people matters so much more. I’ve seen many sick things ministering to addicts, but one of the sickest I have discovered is the insidious “fix”; the false premise, and false promise of addiction replacement therapy.

Heroin - The next thing after the Pill Mill bust Heroin – Next after the Pill Mill bust With the ebb of “pill mill” pain-management clinics, the epidemic of cheap, easy-to-find heroin has grown to staggering proportions to replace the pain pills. Most Americans discover the crisis of heroin after it has snuck into the home with a loved-one. Families and addicts are almost always unprepared and unequipped to deal with their loved-one’s addiction…

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The Harrison Narcotics Tax act (1914)


The Harrison Narcotics Act (1914) was enacted to ensure the government got their cut in the addiction game. Usage of heroin or cocaine was not illegal, but selling it without paying the taxes was akin to bootlegging.

Here is where the seeds of addiction were being sewn bureaucratically. This hustler Francis Harrison from New York used his power as a Representative to narrow the control of “dope” and industrialize addiction.

This was before the “anti biotic” time so pills didn’t cure they treated symptoms. Since everything from syphilis to bronchitis had pain or discomfort as a symptom, cocaine or heroin were commonly prescribed creating addicts.

I recently saw several intake forms from an addiction clinic in Louisiana from the early 1900’s. The form asked when the addicts first started taking the drugs. All the answers I saw were from medical problems; so when the problem went away the prescription stopped…

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Falsifying History on Behalf Of Agendas. “US Civil War was about Money not Slavery”

  In an article on April 13, I used the so-called Civil War and the myths with which court historians have encumbered that war to show how history is falsified in order to serve agendas. I pointed out that it was a war of secession, not a civil war as the South was not fighting …

House passes bill to prevent mandatory GMO labeling

  "We should not raise prices on consumers based on the wishes of a handful of activists."   Posted: Thursday, July 23, 2015 5:39 pm | Updated: 6:01 pm, Thu Jul 23, 2015. Associated Press | WASHINGTON (AP) — Food companies would not have to disclose whether their products include genetically modified ingredients under legislation …